Student threatened with legal action stands his ground after recording prof’s insane anti-Trump rant

“At this point it’s not even education anymore.”

‘Star Trek’ super-Dem didn’t get the memo! Embarrassingly demands his Party filibuster Trump nominees


Probe into Russian interference with U.S. elections getting set to launch – by Senate Republicans

“Because the real threat is cyber.”

‘Surprise, surprise.’ NYT story on college Trump fans asking for ‘safe spaces’ comes up short – way short

“Strange headline.”

Kellyanne Conway uses one comment to blast the left’s ‘fake news’ mantra to smithereens

“How’s that for fake news?”

Rumors ramp up about ‘Late Show’ Colbert replacement as WikiLeaks drops Clinton collusion bombshell


King of make-believe Brian Williams joins the mainstream chorus to lecture the masses on ‘fake news’

Lack of self-awareness must be a trait of the left.

Senate Dems accused of ‘soft bigotry’ after report finds Republican staff is more ‘diverse’

Let the Dem scrambling begin.

‘Belligerent’ actor Judge Reinhold carted off in cuffs, accuses airport TSA of taking things a little too far

“Thanks for the exposure guys!”

Hillary hammers ‘fake news’ in 2nd post-election speech, then gets pounded by her own massive hypocrisy

We get it Hillary, nothing is ever your fault.

There’s one Trump SCOTUS candidate that stands out as most like Scalia, study says

“If one is serious about replacing Justice Scalia…”

Still winning: Even anti-Trump working class voters are warming up to the President-elect

“The Democratic Party has become a coastal elitist club.”