Coupon queen attacked for holding up Kroger grocery line, but video shows another side of story

You decide.

Transgender Day of Remembrance at West Point draws jeers; ‘Thank God Mad Dog’s coming!’

“Robert E. Lee is spinning in his grave so fast you could use his coffin as a turbine.” Romney, Harry Reid trade ugly blows after Mitt gets […]

Public schools spokeswoman wants to ‘get rid of’ all white men, now she wants to aplogize

. . . it occurs to me that my tweet about white men earlier today was in poor taste.

The political headline of the week that had to give Hillary Clinton more than a cold shiver

Hillary Clinton’s long record of playing loose and fast with the rules will come back to haunt her.

Obama’s Dems threaten Trump over his DC hotel lease, but the GSA says ‘not so fast’

House Democrats threatened President-elect Donald Trump over potential violations on his hotel lease unless he divests all of his financial interests. Beloved actor Alan Thicke died and this actress made […]

Trump supporters start a petition to name the next major US warship, but not everyone’s on board

“My gut reaction when I heard about this was . . .”

‘My Little Pony Burger’ is made of horse meat and this restaurant is proud to serve it

The food reviewer at VICE Munchies noted that the whole idea wasn’t very appealing to her . . .

France tells Trump to cool it with the tough talk on China

“We need to avoid things spiraling out of control,”

Fed-up Tucker cuts off prof who can’t back his own ‘substantial evidence’ claim that Russia stole election

“I gave you a chance and you refused to be real with me.”

Pamela Geller strikes back after ‘mancut’ Megyn Kelly calls her a ‘hateful person’

“I can say what I think.”

Marching bands won’t participate in inauguration of Trump; ‘everybody knows why, no one wants to say’

Imagine the cries of racism if the same had happened to President Obama.

Bill Gates says Trump reminds him of JFK, practicing ‘American leadership through innovation’

“The president-elect is very sophisticated. “