Hillary Campaign ignored dire warnings from Michigan ground team, decided to day drink instead

Waaaayyyy too early for the bubbly.

Trump ‘bounced’ Twitter at bigwig tech meeting and rumor why FINALLY gets ‘crooked Hillary’ trending

“The conference table was only so big…”

With the election over, Hillary staffers rage at Huma: ‘I really don’t give a s**t what happens to her’

“Now it’s Huma’s fault!”

EXCLUSIVE: FBI New York field office ordered to ‘go forward’ on Clinton Foundation probe

… did not know who at FBI Headquarters issued the order.

Politico contributor fired and forced to apologize for disgusting ‘joke’ about Donald and Ivanka Trump

“All that said, I do regret…”

yasmin seweid
Muslim woman arrested after media hyped her fake anti-Trump ‘hate crime hoax’ narrative

Another phony “Islamophobic” hate crime report bites the dust.

Earnest says ‘ample evidence’ Trump knew about and called on Russia to ‘hack his opponent’

“Prove it.”

General Kelly: Big brass border-bound

Whatever immigration solution Trump may come up with, one thing is crystal clear:

Is Trump having an influence on the world? German minister refuses to wear hijab on heels of burka ban

“This is an insult to Saudi Arabia.”

How ONE typo by a Clinton aide allowed Hillary’s emails to be hacked

Staffer tells his tale.

Harvard law professor says 20 Electoral College voters are considering changing their votes – people call BS

Does Harvard really pay this guy?

Hard work ethic pays off big for injured teen Chick-fil-A employee after customer makes photo, story go viral

Christian conservative ownership – this company hires employees with heart!