Here are the Coca-Cola ads about exercise that triggered a lawsuit

You never ‘earned’ a Coke, no one ever earns a Coke

Another popular media narrative died over the holidays, and hardly anyone noticed

Another false news narrative was put to rest over the holidays after

Trump responds to Fiat Chrysler announcing $1 billion investment in US

Chrysler survived the financial crisis, but not unscathed.

‘You f**king moron’: Meghan McCain’s advice to liberals over Meryl Streep’s rant didn’t go over too well

McCain proved she’s not one to run from a fight . . .

Alabama considers placing attendants in bathrooms in latest Trans bathroom bill

GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said the measure would ensure the safety of women while in the bathroom.

Trump calls ABC’s ‘Blackish’ ‘racism at highest level,’ now the show is making his supporters pay the price

Fans of President-elect Donald Trump who watched the Houston Texans’ win their game against the Oakland Raiders were treated to insults in a new commercial for ABC’s […]

FBI quietly dumps another 300 pages of docs related to Clinton email probe … on a Sunday!

Document dump . . . what’s in it this time?

‘It’s a pretty simple idea’: Tucker Carlson reveals the new primetime formula

Will you watch?

Charlie Brotman
After 60 years, Trump opts for new inaugural parade announcer

Breaking with a tradition that began in 1957 . . .

‘I’d like to hear from her’: Kellyanne asks why Meryl Streep was MIA on disabled Chicago torture victim

“Talking about how vilified poor Hollywood is, in their gazillion-dollar gowns. Can I borrow a couple of those for the inaugural address?”

Sofia Vergara looked stunning but her dirty blunder was classless – and what’s with libs mocking foreign accents?

And, what’s with making fun of foreign accents . . . AGAIN?

Watch this black politico destroy Al Sharpton’s squeal for ‘season of civil disobedience’ over Sessions pick

“When the liberals are losing they always play the race card.”