‘I know CNN’s feeling the heat!’ Kellyanne Conway and Anderson Cooper square off over ‘fake news’

“I think YOU guys are feeling the heat.”

After Trump scolding, nervous Jake Tapper desperately tries to distance CNN from smear dossier

“CNN never did that.”

CNN’s Acosta calls for truce after livid Spicer warns he’ll be tossed next time he disrespects Trump

Like a boss.

Mika attacks CNN, Buzzfeed report on Trump and Russia: ‘There’s no story here’

“…let their bias get in the way of actually finding out what facts are.”

Trump sets up his own super-secret sting operation to prove leaks are coming from intel community

“What I did, is I said I won’t tell anybody.”

Some on the right are questioning Marco Rubio’s harsh grilling of Tillerson, and for good reason

“Rubio sounds like Clinton.”

Intel Director issues ‘rare’ statement after meeting with Trump, expresses ‘profound dismay’ over leaks


DNC chair candidate believes better fundraising will be the key to winning elections

Hire him!

MARTIAL LAW? Distressed Rosie O’Donnell will likely regret this insane anti-Trump tweet

“I’m usually with you Rosie, but…”

Laura Ingraham points out a few things about Obama’s farewell

“Barack Obama had a great opportunity to change the country for the better.”

‘We blushed’: Guilfoyle and Perino dress up as cowgirls, get charmed by bull riders behind the scenes

“We blushed,” Perino said.

Trump mocks Lindsey Graham at presser, cracks up room full of reporters

The press got a laugh.