‘That’s theft!’ Lawmaker re-hangs anti-cop painting GOP colleague removed – who’s he gonna complain to, police?

“How dare he!” a furious Clay told reporters. “He was way out of bounds. He broke the law. It’s called theft.”

Inaugural Prayer Breakfast back on at Trump Hotel after $1 million lawsuit threat to inaugural committee

Trump staying at the hotel the night of Inauguration Day, required extra security and decor changes.

Meryl Streep just got checkmated by a guy with one hand – nobody can beat his response!

Fawning libs panted at how courageous Streep was for bleating the FAKE NEWS that Trump had mocked a reporter’s disability.

FBI warned Clinton her emails were vulnerable to ‘foreign government espionage’ in 2015

The FBI titled its entire trove of official internal documents on the Clinton case as . . .

White House praises Meryl Streep’s ‘thoughtful, carefully considered’ Golden Globe message


Hmm . . . check out the name of Greta’s new MSNBC show. And that’s not all she swiped from Fox News


Tech company founder: Middle America is ‘a sh!thole’ filled ‘with stupid people’

Apology forthcoming?

Sold out? Kellyanne wants to borrow celebs’ ‘gazillion-dollar gowns’ for inauguration, but which one?

“Talking about how vilified poor Hollywood is, in their gazillion-dollar gowns.

Dissecting Florida’s new voting patterns

Florida has changed in the last seven years.

Popular NYC restaurant closes over ‘suffocating’ gov’t regs; throws down THIS challenge to career politicians

Great challenge. Who will take it?

Here are the Coca-Cola ads about exercise that triggered a lawsuit

You never ‘earned’ a Coke, no one ever earns a Coke

Another popular media narrative died over the holidays, and hardly anyone noticed

Another false news narrative was put to rest over the holidays after