Judge Nap says FBI released Hillary email ‘SMOKING GUN’ on Sunday, and it may change everything

“This evidence, makes it clear . . . “

Trump tweets in CAPS over intel agencies’ ‘golden shower’ leak, asks ‘are we living in Nazi Germany?’

Buzzfeed set social media ablaze on Tuesday when it published a report alleged to be compromising intelligence information on the president-elect. Donald Trump himself blasted the entire […]

New State Dept. pavilion named after Hillary; guess where the donations came from?

But will there be an exhibit on how to handle classified emails?

5 ways President Obama’s farewell speech differed from his predecessor

President Bush didn’t take his last waltz on the national stage to race-bait, pander, rally his base, or attack his successor.

Emboldened by Trump victory, Hungary plans to crack down on its native-born George Soros

“I feel that there is an opportunity for this, internationally.”

Furious Michigan man headed to court after parked car is slapped with a ticket – in his driveway!

“I’ve never heard of any city ordinance or law like that.”

The star witness on Jeff Sessions’ alleged ‘racism’ has DEEPLY troubled history

“In a nutshell, every one of us in that office was afraid.”

How much would you spend to study monkey drool? The US gov’t thinks $800k is about right

The government also spent $460,000 to have a computer watch popular t.v. shows…

Rep. Meadows slams push to lift ban on earmarks: We’re supposed to drain the swamp, not fill it

“…the timing could not be worse.”

Exclusive: 18 years of energy data manipulation ‘entirely unacceptable,’ no proof doctoring has ended

“The more we dig in, the more questions arise.”

Here’s how Trump can reverse the anti-American indoctrination programs Obama forced on schools

“A good citizen is a radical activist.”

Singer refuses Trump’s Inauguration gig after learning she can’t pay homage to Black Lives Matter

“Due to circumstances beyond my control concerning …”