Obama’s family dog bites guest in the face, draws blood – and she’s not too happy about it

“I f***ing hate Sunny.”

DOJ watchdog investigating how FBI handled Clinton emails before election

“Who did those immunity agreements?”

Star to perform remake of famous song at Trump’s Inauguration, ‘tailor-made’ for the President-elect

“…and it will be huge!”

hillary-trump screen shots
‘Guilty as hell’: Trump zings Hillary Clinton campaign & new investigation with 2 hard-hitting tweets

“They were VERY nice to her.”

Fuming over Acosta snub, CNN’s Lemon asks how Trump would feel if he were called a ‘fake president’


Cavuto annihilates CNN, asks how it feels to be dismissed, ignored–then comes the Obama vs Fox montage

“They say payback’s a b**ch.”

‘Hmm…payback?’ Obama stuns with immediate and tough immigration policy – for Cubans

‘We found immigrants Obama doesn’t want.’

Sessions hearings show Dems don’t stand a chance at stopping Trump

Democratic disorder was on full display throughout the process.

Hours after CSPAN’s feed was abruptly interrupted, MSNBC ‘short circuits’ while talking Russia


MSNBC’s Joy Reid brags Obama’s Cuban policy change a partisan shot against ‘lone GOP Hispanics’

“This seems pretty immoral.”

SOB FEST as Obama surprises emotional Joe Biden with Medal of Freedom, but not everyone’s feelin’ it

Talk about drama!

‘Back of the bus’? Dem Rep. makes ‘shameful’ race-based accusation at Sessions’ hearing

“We have heard enough of this bull crap!”