Handyman reveals his creative – and effective – solution to squatters in his mom’s home

Meet Flash Shelton, a handyman who managed to evict a bunch of squatters from his mother’s Northern California home using nothing but cleverness. The story begins with […]

MSNBC commentator compares Trump to ‘an ISIS or al-Qaeda recruiter’ in unhinged analysis

On Friday, a radically far-left MSNBC commentator likened former President Donald Trump’s fierce critici of wiy panned Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to “an ISIS or al-Qaeda […]

LA Times defends TikTok as ‘similar to other social media apps’, then details why it’s actually worse

According to the Los Angeles Times, “Congress is scapegoating TikT.” “It’s no worse than other social media platforms,” the Times’ editorial board claimed on Friday in great […]

Minorities, Democrats in New York want to lift the cap on charter schools, expand access

Talking points were no match for reality as new data suggested white conservatives weren’t alone in supporting school choice, even in a Democratic stronghold. As leftists continually […]

Gutfeld blasts ‘the party of Karens’ for parental rights bill objection: ‘Do not fall for the big lie about privacy’

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld argued on Friday that the modern Democrat Party has become the party of so-called “Karens,” whereas the modern Republican Party has become […]

Marjorie Taylor Greene dismisses ‘paid protesters’ during visit to J6 prison: ‘They work for evil’

No Republican lawmaker has done to bring attention to the plight of the protesters who are rotting in a special Washington, D.C. jail for their presence […]

You won’t see THIS on SNL: Saudi TV airs comedy skit savaging Biden and Harris

American satirists may have strayed from ping as much fun at leading leftists as they do conservatives, but comedians abroad have felt no such obligation as one […]

House Republican moves to boot Kamala Harris from border czar job on anniversary of appointment

U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) reintroduced a resolution on Friday that seeks to remove Vice President Kamala Harris from her position as border czar as the situation […]

Ana Navarro whines about the horrors of living in Florida: ‘They’re banning absolutely everything…’

The ladies of ABC’s “The View” opined on yet another subject they knew little about, resulting in co-host Ana Navarro ivering an own that wasn’t on Florida […]

Watergate lawyer John Dean theorizes that Bragg ‘might have been asked to delay’ charging Trump

The unexpected turn of events in New York City where the grand jury investigating former President Donald J. Trump was inexplicably canceled for two days in a […]

Jan. 6 attorney straight up asked DOJ lawyers if more witnesses were FBI informants. They said ‘nothing’

The Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed Wednesday that a witness who Jan. 6 defendant Enrique Tarrio’s lawyer Sabino Jauregui planned to call for testimony had been an […]

Biden says US banks are ‘in pretty good shape,’ Americans’ savings are ‘secure’

President Joe Biden claimed Friday that American banks were “in pretty good shape” and that depositors’ funds were “secure” despite the collapses of two major regional banks […]