O’Reilly buckles fast! Needless Maxine Waters apology wasn’t enough … grovelling continues

That’s who really deserved an apology.

Sessions fires powerful warning shot on sanctuary cities, lawless mayors and governors

“The Department of Justice will require …”

Chris Wallace reportedly part of complaint Ivanka’s family’s ‘ruining the neighborhood,’ but why is it news?

“They’ve completely ruined the neighborhood.”

‘No, no. Hell no!’ Fearful Dems might try to hustle a deal on Gorsuch, but WHY would GOP do that?

“Never negotiate a winning hand.”

Wait, did Judge Gorsuch just eye roll Al Franken? Check out ‘favorite response of the day’

@SenFranken certainly did and with a little sly grin to match. Priceless!

Tomi Lahren suspended from The Blaze; Glenn Beck says it’s not because she’s pro-choice

Supporters say she’ll be hired by bigger outlets like Fox News in no time. Stay tuned.

Candid Kellyanne: Who she called ‘a f***ing miserable person’ and how she’d rather ‘slit my wrists, bleed out’ than have Spicer’s job

Conway, whose White House code name is “blueberry,” also spoke about her “alternative facts” statement that drew criticism.

Trump white house
Barron Trump makes first public appearance at White House, but all eyes are on Melania

Barron Trump made his first public appearance at the White House Friday, but all eyes were on his glamorous mom, First Lady Melania Trump.

Sean Spicer shuts down hostile reporter when her ‘question’ turns out to be a rude insult

“Could you help us all…”

Fireworks on the floor! McCain accuses Rand Paul of ‘working for Vladimir Putin’ when he doesn’t get his way

Politics has become the ultimate “reality” show.

Judge says NO to emergency halt of new Trump travel ban; Kellyanne explains why

A U.S. federal court refused to apply the emergency restraining order from President Trump’s immigration executive order to his newly modified travel ban.

No more Mr. Nice Guy! AG Jeff Sessions asks 46 Obama-era US attorneys to hit the road

And don’t let the door hit you on the way out!