Keith Olbermann just called Betsy DeVos a ‘Motherf…..’ – that’s the new normal?

“Have any feminists condemned this liberal propagandist for his misogyny?”

RESPECT: The Five ‘admires’ Trump’s ‘explosive’ mid-hurricane news dump – why it scares Dems to death

Even Perino praised him!

trump pardons sheriff joe arpaio
Arpaio responds after Trump pardon: ‘I’m not going down without trying to defend myself … people will be shocked’

Former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio vowed to expose the liberal abuses of the judicial system against law-abiding people who enforce federal immigration laws. Arpaio made the statement shortly after […]

AP Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Emotional Sanders barely gets through powerful letter sent from father to his deployed soldier son

“Stand tall, my son, and be steadfast.”

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota couldn’t be more frustrated with panel that won’t bite on her anti-Trump bait

Make that frustrated, and surprised.

Bikers For Trump presence in Phoenix and pre-rally prayer takes Twitter by storm

“No one is going to be assaulted as long as we’re here.”

Juan Williams disgusts his co-hosts after he badmouths the military; sick rant shows true colors

He took it way too far.

2017 solar eclipse racist trump country
The sun is racist! Two major liberal papers agree the ‘Deplorable Solar Eclipse of 2017’ cuts out black people

The sun is racist, y’all. The proof is the “Deplorable Solar Eclipse of 2017.” Leftist grievance mongers are whining that the total solar eclipse was racist. Why? […]

Boston cops hit with urine bottles after thousands of left-wing counter-protesters and BLM show up

And Trump was wrong?

steve bannon donald trump
‘I feel jacked up … I’ve got my hands back on my weapons’: Bannon clears things up for salivating press

Now he’s free to do maximum damage to Trump’s enemies.

‘Use your brain!’ Young black woman breaks down & eviscerates the media’s ‘fake racial war’

“Let me invite you over for a cup of hot steaming facts.”

CNN journo demands a ‘fact-check’ when Ben Carson shares personal stories of intolerance, racism

More recently our home in Virginia along with that of a neighbor was vandalized …