Chris Matthews’ abrupt announcement he’s DONE at MSNBC triggers strong mixed reactions

Boom! … and then he was gone. Longtime MSNBC host Chris Matthews stunningly dropped the mic at the start of Monday’s “Hardball” show, announcing his immediate retirement. […]

Federal judge orders that Hillary Clinton be deposed about private email server

In a ruling that said Hillary Clinton’s past responses about her use of a private email server left much to be desired, U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. […]

Trump reacts strongly to Buttigieg’s abrupt EXIT

Two days before Super Tuesday, which is sure to be a defining moment in the 2020 Democratic primary as 14 states take to the ballot box, Pete […]

First case of coronavirus hits New York City; Florida and Rhode Island report activity

The presence of COVID-19 in the U.S. continues to grow as New York City and the Tampa Bay area of Florida, and Pawtucket, Rhode Island, have tallied […]

Dear America: Preserve these things for the love of God

Itxu Diaz, DCNF  They say that in Europe our things are tiny and that in America your things are super-sized, and that’s a dangerous statement, prone to […]

Tom Steyer drops out of 2020 race, leaves us indelible memory of busting moves to ‘Back That Azz Up’

Billionaire Democrat loser Tom Steyer exited the clown car Saturday after getting thoroughly trounced once again by progressive voters–this time in South Carolina where he had hoped […]

‘New hoax,’ Trump says; Dems were too busy with impeachment as he was preparing for Coronavirus

President Donald Trump and acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney both believe that the outrage over coronavirus being directed at the administration by both congressional Democrats […]

NY Mag rediscovers ‘future-First Lady’ Melania Knauss graced its patriotic cover in 2002

While ever-graceful First Lady Melania Trump has yet to be featured on the cover of any of the nation’s leading fashion magazines, New York Magazine reminded readers what […]

‘Mean girl’ reporter who once wrote a piece on ‘casual racism’ caught in a very bad look

A New York Post reporter was accused of having a “mean girl vibe” going on after a video captured her seemingly laughing at an Indian reporter. President […]

Obama demands super PAC pull ‘misleading’ Biden attack ad that features his words

Former President Barack Hussein Obama has finally directly involved himself in the 2020 presidential race on behalf of h is former partner in crime, Joe Biden. Well, […]

GOP reps want to know why Dems reportedly leaking ‘misinterpreted’ intel to NYT isn’t a ‘bigger story’

According to a report published Tuesday, congressional Democrats misinterpreted information provided to them by U.S. intelligence officials earlier this month and then fed that misinterpreted information — […]

Mayor Stephen Wukela Bernie Sanders rally South Carolina
Socialist Bernie supporters cheer wildly when S.C. mayor calls them ‘bunch of radicals’ and ‘revolutionaries’

Bernie Sanders supporters applauded and cheered when Democrat Stephen Wukela — the mayor of Florence, South Carolina — called them “radicals” and “socialists.” Mayor Wukela made the remarks at […]