The Hill earns vicious mockery over since-deleted tweet giving advice on handling canceled flights

The Hill hastily eted a tweet after sending it out to promote a piece it published advising Americans on how to deal with canceled flights, attaching a […]

Iowa sports reporter forced to report on snow storm goes viral for hilariously sarcastic coverage

A sports reporter in Iowa was none too pleased that he had been asked to cover the impending winter storm that’s sweeping down on the country in […]

AOC and Musk can barely contain their raging romantic ‘chemistry’ in HILARIOUS parody video

A parody video has gone viral on showing billionaire Elon Musk and Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) settling their differences by making googly eyes at […]

Greg Gutfeld hilariously checks in on ‘the best tweeter since Trump’ Elon Musk

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld finds new CEO Elon Musk’s actions since he to the helm of the social media platform hilarious and appropriate with employees […]

Air Force says there was ‘no intent’ behind phallic flight pattern but Twitter isn’t convinced

The U.S. Air Force has denied that a provocative flight pattern, in the shape of a penis complete with testicles, near a Russian military base in Syria […]

CNN+ host Rex Chapman takes rant too far, and cops to creepy crush on ‘sexy’ Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is “sexy personified” as former CNN+ host Rex Chapman unabashedly declared on . In reaction to erroneous questions over Paul Pelosi’s sexual orientation, Chapman to […]

Hilarious mock ‘DNC ad’ brutally hammers Biden: ‘Sad because it’s true’

A “truth-filled” ad is making the rounds on and it would have been a realistic plug for Democrats during President Biden’s “Saving Democracy” speech, which was […]

Who had running from giant Christmas balls on their BINGO card? Wind sends baubles flying in streets

Nothing says Christmas like giant ornament balls bigger than some cars chaotically rolling through the streets of London after high winds got a hold of them, sending […]

‘This is fire’: If AOC thought the anti-war hecklers at her town hall were bad, wait until she opens Twitter

After a humiliating town hall for which few people showed up and “rude” anti-war activists heckled her, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) faced scorn from for […]

Kamala: Your children are ‘our children’ and that’s why we have to fight climate crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris has mastered the art of using a hundred words when ten would suffice. She’s also mastered the art of throwing them together in […]

Easily offended slam ‘Try Guys’ SNL sketch over Ned Fulmer cheating scandal, say show missed the point

Saturday Night Live is getting slammed by people over a parody of a “Try Guys” video that addressed former member Ned Fulmer’s cheating scandal, with critics claiming […]

Gutfeld on women getting ‘woke infection’ while men go right, tells conservative females…this is your moment!

On Thursday’s edition of Fox News’s “Gutfeld!”, Greg Gutfeld called out a curious — some would say “disturbing” — trend happening in the United States: According to […]