As America battles over Roe ruling, Biden signs biggest gun control law in 30 years

President Joe Biden capped off a miserable week for Democrats by signing the bipartisan gun control bill into law, an accomplishment that couldn’t have happened without the […]

Ned Ryun rips AOC: ‘You expect stupid people to say stupid things, and Comrade Cortez never disappoints’

 (Video Credit: Fox News) Conservative activist Ned Ryun skewered Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for complaining about her piddly $174,000 Congressional salary and took a shot at […]

Report: Biden’s proposal to suspend gas tax may sound good, but will do virtually nothing

President Joe Biden’s call for Congress to suspend the federal gasoline tax for three months may be good public relations for the deeply unpopular leader but in […]

‘Something seriously wrong with you’: Jennifer Rubin graces Twitter with absolutely ‘batsh*t’ Roe take

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin has a history of inane partisan punditry through corporate media appearances and social media posts. Via steadfast liberal activism, Rubin defended her […]

‘There’s a better option’: WaPo publishes piece begging Congress to block a 2024 Trump run

The left-leaning Washington Post pleaded with Congress on Thursday to block former President Donald Trump from mounting a 2024 election campaign due to the overstated events that […]

Left throws Ruth Bader Ginsburg under bus, blame her for dying and the overturning of Roe vs. Wade

As the cries of rage, tearing of hair, and tears of anguish were witnessed on the left after the overturning of the landmark abortion case Roe v. […]

Monica Lewinsky drops 6 F-bombs after ruling; James Woods’ response wins internet for entire year!

Former President Bill Clinton’s disgraced paramour, Monica Lewinsky, simply could not contain her rage after the Supreme Court overturned the landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade, going […]

Night of rage: Arrests, tear gas and violence continue as pro-abortion activists throw nation-wide tantrums

The expected protests from abortion activists blanketed the country Friday, fulfilling the promise of a “night of rage,” but it was pro-life proponents who were smeared as […]

Barstool’s Dave Portnoy has ’emergency press conference’ over abortion ruling, calls Biden a moron

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy held an “emergency” press conference in response to Friday’s Supreme Court ruling that overturned nearly 50 years of abortion precedent under Roe […]

MLB pitcher hits batter in head with 91-mph sinker, blames the baseball

MLB is playing games with baseballs, Los Angeles Angels pitcher Michael Lorenzen has implied, metaphorically calling upon the league to get a grip. Lorenzen was reacting to […]

‘Religious scholar’ Kamala Harris says abortion does not ‘require anyone to abandon their faith’

Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t appear to understand why those with strong religious convictions tend to harbor great distaste for abortion. After she landed at Dulles International […]

Pete Hegseth writes ‘return to sender’ on Harvard U degree, admits mom going to be ‘very’ mad

(Video: Fox News) “Fox & Friends’ co-host Pete Hegseth has followed through on his vow to return his Harvard University masters-degree diploma as a form of symbolic […]