Time running out on PIP reform

With just a couple of weeks left before the end of the legislative session, the drive to reform Florida’s no-fault auto insurance system is on an uncertain […]

Nevada’s experience proves it: Detention center a win-win for South Florida

A few years ago, Pahrump — a town in the Nevada county I represent — was presented with an economic development opportunity that generated considerable controversy. I […]

Florida Legislature passed on a key opportunity in killing casinos

Destination resorts, the preferred phrase for those of us who support casinos, is dead for this legislative session after the House voted down the proposal in committee […]

PIP reform moves forward on grossly inflated numbers

As the Florida Legislature nears its halfway point in this year’s session, competing bills aimed at ridding fraud from the Personal Injury Protection system are working their […]

Rick Scott preaches hope, Legislators roll the dice

Gov. Rick Scott presented his vision for the second year of his administration with a good dose of ad-libbing throughout a 30-minute speech. He cited three priorities: […]

Planning smart communities sometimes means just leaving things alone

After spending 15 years on Palm Beach County’s Land Planning Board, I had the opportunity to hear endless presentations from land planners, consultants and bureaucrats. Heck, I […]

Florida insurers sticking it to consumers on PIP

With the state in the vice grip of a crippling recession, Floridians are getting squeezed everywhere they go – at the gas pump, in the grocery checkout, […]

BizPac Review
Internet sales tax

It is time to have an honest discussion about “internet sales tax” and separate fact from fiction. First, this issue is undoubtedly best handled at the federal […]

School district’s new direction? Under Barbieri’s leadership, backward

It has been little more than a year since Palm Beach Post editorial writer Jac Wilder VerSteeg openly campaigned in favor of Frank Barbieri for School Board […]

Destination Resort Legislation

The Destination Resort legislation we filed in October has triggered a spirited statewide debate. We have observed with intrigue and at times disappointment as tired rhetoric and […]

Good advice for Herman Cain

So, who is the president of Uzbekistan? If some dullard toad from some so-called “news operation” tried to pull a “gotcha” on the sensationally successful black CEO […]

Dick Farrel takes on Burt Aaronson and the Palm Beach Post

Two weeks have passed since Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson called for the incarceration of “all Republicans.” Word for word, he said, “each and every one […]