Daughter of former Broward mayor, current Dem Rep candidate accused of massive PPP fraud

It seems that Broward County just refuses to stay out of the news. The daughter of a former mayor of Broward County, Florida, is accused of defrauding […]

‘Serious friction’ between US and UK forces as Brits run rescue patrols through center of Kabul, report

British paratroopers landed in Kabul this week charged with rescuing 4,000 UK nationals and Afghans while being warned that they should “prepare for face-to-face combat” with the […]

Searchable online database launched to track and expose leftist Critical Race Theory advocates

A press release from the Great American Patriot Project is announcing the creation of a nationwide database that will be used to track, report, and expose advocates […]

The stench of regret! Rasmussen poll finds most wouldn’t vote to reelect Biden

With the full scope of the debacle in Afghanistan still unfolding, a new poll from Rasmussen Reports suggests that buyer’s remorse has set in for at least […]

Heart-wrenching video of Afghan women begging US troops for help: ‘The Taliban is coming for me’

“The Taliban is coming for me.” That was the anguished cry from an Afghan woman, desperately pleading with U.S. troops to save her from a horrible fate […]

Cuomo uses his last days to commute sentences of 10 felons, including 3 tied to murder cases

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to use his final days in office to commute the sentences of 10 felons, including three that are tied to murder […]

Lindsey Graham’s tough talk on ‘bulls**t’ Afghanistan debacle fails to impress

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sure likes to talk a big game, and he enjoys some good air time as much as any Tinseltown buffoon. Does it mean […]

Border Patrol arrests two migrants with sex offense convictions against minors, 37 offenders in that sector

In yet another example of expected outcomes due to gross negligence of the Biden regime on the southern border, two illegal aliens have been arrested in California, […]

Inside report reveals Fox News emails discussing Ron DeSantis, and it’s driving the left bananas

The left is giddily reporting that Fox News is wooing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Tampa Bay Times claims they have 1,250 emails that prove it, […]

‘Actual racism and sexism’: NYT Mag’s warning on ‘March of the Karens’ does NOT go over well

While there’s plenty of speculation about how college campuses are little more than left-wing indoctrination centers, there may be too little attention paid to the role the […]

Amid raging Delta variant, Eric Holder calls for left to take to the streets in voter ‘fairness’ fight

The left will not give up on the “For the People Act,” because they know the so-called voter rights bill will all but assure one-party rule for […]

Biden looking at ‘strong-arming’ a tougher vaccine approach, report

With President Joe Biden and his administration having done all they can, with a hearty assist from their friends in the media, to scare the bejeezus out […]

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