China conducted ‘combat readiness patrol’ during US lawmakers’ trip to Taiwan

Jennie Taer, DCNF China’s military conducted an exercise over Taiwan Friday during a surprise visit by U.S. lawmakers. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Eastern Theatre Command said […]

Ukrainian President accuses Russians of plotting a coup to oust him

Sebastian Hughes, DCNF The president of Ukraine accused a group of Russians and Ukrainians on Friday of plotting a coup against him, The Washington Post reported. President Volodymyr […]

Merck says COVID-19 pill less effective than initially suggested

Harry Wilmerding, DCNF Merck announced Friday that updated data on its experimental COVID-19 pill show the drug is less effective than previously reported, and will now move […]

Stock market nosedives after reports of new COVID-19 variant

Thomas Catenacci, DCNF The stock market plummeted Friday following reports that a new, more contagious variant is rapidly spreading in South Africa and parts of Europe. The […]

Black Lives Matter goes after Thanksgiving as a holiday celebrating colonization and stolen land

Kendall Tietz, DCNF A major Black Lives Matter group tweeted a message to followers that Thanksgiving is a day of “colonization” celebrated on “stolen land.” “You are […]

More Americans than ever say they won’t be buying Christmas gifts this year

Ailan Evans, DCNF A record number of Americans say they won’t be purchasing gifts for the holidays this year amid ongoing inflation concerns and supply chain disruptions, […]

US blacklists tech companies helping Chinese military

Ailan Evans, DCNF The U.S. Department of Commerce added several Chinese technology companies to its trade blacklist Wednesday for providing technological support to the Chinese military. The […]

Texas school district’s CRT course for teachers purports ‘America is oppressive,’ ‘white supremacy is everywhere’

Kendall Tietz, DCNF Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) is reportedly infusing Critical Race Theory (CRT) into its teacher training, which says “America is oppressive” and that […]

Florida Democrats rail against Biden’s plan for Colombia terrorist organization

Sebastian Hughes, DCNF Florida Democrats have reacted in anger towards the Biden administration’s decision to remove a Colombian rebel group from a list of foreign terrorists, Politico […]

Biden administration reportedly plans to restart ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Jennie Taer, DCNF The Biden administration is set to restart the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy following a court order, according to a Biden administration official. […]

California effectively ends fracking, cites ‘urgent climate effects’

Thomas Catenacci, DCNF California has gradually weaned itself off fossil fuel fracking well ahead of Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s 2024 ban of the oil and gas extraction […]

DC public schools tells families to ‘decolonize their Thanksgiving,’ describes it as a day ‘difficult for many’

Kendall Tietz, DCNF Washington D.C.’s public school district sent an email out to families reminding them that Thanksgiving can be “difficult for many” and provided tips to […]

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