GOP Rep Turner dresses down witnesses with brutal ‘score’ card: ‘Want to be a laughing stock?’

Leave it to Ohio Congressman Michael Turner to cut through the noise and lay the impeachment inquiry out for the big nothing burger that it is. In […]

Jim Jordan sums up Democrat ‘desperation’ in one tweet

Democrats have thus far presented witnesses in their impeachment inquiry that have zero firsthand knowledge of anything and mainly waste their testimonies giving their opinions on the […]

College student goes ballistic over ‘All Lives Matter’ sign, commits ‘battery’ to be ‘safe’

If you thought free speech was in danger on college campuses around the country, a new video won’t inspire much confidence. A video out of Chico State […]

‘It’s locked:’ Lindsey Graham gives date for release of IG report on alleged FISA abuse

Impeachment may be the talk of the town at the moment, but that could all change when the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on […]

UGLY: Ann Coulter rushed into Berkeley event, tickets stolen, students blocked, police harassed

An appearance by Ann Coulter at the University of California at Berkeley descended into chaos as masked protestors showed up and multiple arrests were made. Covering faces […]

Harris unwisely picks a fight with Gabbard for Fox News appearances during Obama’s term

Kamala Harris attempted to get back at Tulsi Gabbard on Wednesday night’s presidential debate for the effective damage the Hawaii congresswoman has done to her campaign. Harris […]

Gabbard eviscerates Dem Party for foreign policy & war-mongering, inexplicably throws Trump in the mix

Tulsi Gabbard refuses to let up on her attacks on Democrat Party leadership and Hillary Clinton. At Wednesday night’s MSNBC/Washington Post presidential debate, the Hawaii congresswoman called […]

‘Gaffe unlike any I’ve seen’: Biden disses Kamala when he brags support from only black woman elected to Senate

  It is astonishing that Joe Biden not only remains in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, but that he also continues to poll near the […]

Sondland faces wrath for ‘made up’ testimony, admits ‘no one on this planet’ told him Trump’s orders, he ‘presumed’

Ohio Congressman Michael Turner ripped holes in Gordon Sondland’s impeachment testimony on Wednesday in a fiery exchange. He blasted Sondland’s “presumptions” as “made-up testimony.” Sondland opened his […]

Republican counsel calls out Sondland on his hedging and bad memory; a ‘trifecta of unreliability’

EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland may have Democrats excited since he flatly stated he believes there was quid pro quo between President Donald Trump and Ukraine, but his […]

Pence’s chief of staff says Sondland just lied under oath in impeachment testimony

EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland testified on Wednesday that he spe with Vice President Mike Pence directly about concerns that a ay in aid to Ukraine was tied […]

Lt. Col. Vindman takes selfie in front of West Wing, before returning to job at White House

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman returned to work at the White House on Wednesday following his testimony in the impeachment inquiry, but not before he snapped off a […]