Florida education spending goes up as student performance goes down

More funding doesn’t lead to better student performance. That’s the conclusion of a new Cato Institute study that tracks public spending and state SAT scores over the […]

Florida’s Obamacare numbers are in, but where are the millennials?

When it comes to Obamacare sign-ups, Florida is tops among the 34 states with federally run health exchanges. For many, that’s cause for celebration. But, according to the […]

Florida’s EBT program has liquor loophole

Some Florida residents may be using EBT cards to buy liquor, which is illegal. Amid the federal backdrop of rising welfare entitlements, Florida lawmakers made it illegal a […]

Pending bills give private landowners hope against excessive government permitting costs

A Florida family’s 20-year battle to build on their own land remains unresolved, but their efforts to fight excessive government permitting costs have given property rights advocates […]

Police (1)
Spy game: Local police tap cell phones

The National Security Agency apparently isn’t the only government agency engaged in domestic spying. Local law enforcement is playing the role of Big Brother, too, but to […]

NAACP, big labor unite to push ‘moral’ legislative agenda in Florida

A new moral movement wants to influence state government, and it’s not the religious right. Demanding Medicaid expansion, voting rights, repeal of the “stand your ground” self-defense […]

Eva Locke
Florida’s special interest protections snuffing out entrepreneurs

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Government regulations often have negative affects on businesses. Sometimes, that’s by design. Ask Eva Locke. Locke, a Florida resident and Tulane University graduate, wanted to […]

Fla. doctor could bring Obamacare executive orders to screeching halt in federal court

A South Florida orthodontist is taking on President Obama‘s penchant for unilaterally altering the Affordable Care Act without the approval of Congress. And he’s got a shot a winning. Larry Kawa took to Capitol Hill in […]

Hooray for Hollywood: Florida taxpayers could hand film industry $1B tax break

As Tinseltown readies for Oscar night, Florida‘s film and entertainment production industry is reportedly lobbying lawmakers for $1 billion in tax perks. The giveaways, or subsidies, allow for selected companies producing films, commercials, […]

Florida Blue CEO says single-payer is wrong for future of health care

Is Obamacare the first-step toward a single-payer health care system? “Some people think so,” Pat Geraghty, CEO of Florida Blue, told Geraghty’s guarded response came on […]

phone person
Fla. welfare bill offers cash rewards to tattletale on fraud; ACLU disapproves

Florida welfare fraudsters beware. A bipartisan legislative effort designed to clobber public assistance abuse may soon send welfare perps to prison for a long time. Ripping off Medicaid, food […]

New polling language suggests voters don’t like Fla. transit plan

It’s often said that some sporting events are decided by inches. If public polling were a game, outcomes would be determined by words. If the same is […]