cell phone
FL Supreme Court says warrantless cell phone spying a no-go

Thanks to the Florida Supreme Court and a drug dealer, Sunshine State police can no longer track unsuspecting citizens through their cell phones without a warrant. That’s […]

City tells waterfront homeowners, we can build docks but you can’t

For more than 20 years, waterfront homeowners living along the city of Sanibel, on Florida’s San Carlos Bay, have been barred from building boating docks. It’s tough […]

Ebola Virus
Fla. Dept. of Health to spend $7 million on Ebola preparedness

There are no confirmed cases of the Ebola virus in Florida, but state health officials are spending millions preparing for possible infections. That much was revealed in […]

‘Meatless Mondays’ hit first Florida school district, critics spot agenda

Students attending Sarasota County public schools might be wondering, “Where’s the beef?” The answer won’t be found between two buns, at least, not on Mondays. Sarasota County […]

Florida teachers’ union attacks low-income scholarships while making six-figure salaries

The Florida Education Association is highly litigious, flush with resources from membership dues and fees, and it’s politically active. It often gets its way, but not without collateral damage. […]

Open government group blasts Obama’s not-so-transparent administration

Government transparency advocates are again confronting the Obama administration, this time over a White House memo aimed at filtering Freedom of Information Act requests. The longstanding practice […]

Charges dropped for Florida mom who allowed son to play at park unsupervised

A single mom was charged in July after letting her son play unsupervised at a neighborhood park. Florida officials dropped a charge of child neglect against Nicole Gainey, a Port […]

Surveillance City: Public workers, police to wear body cameras in Miami Beach

Miami Beach has a reputation for being Florida’s fashion capital. True to form, city employees will soon be outfitted with a new accessory — body cameras. The recording […]

Funding the navigators: Florida’s Obamacare helpers get another $6.8 million

Round two of Obamacare open enrollment is eight weeks away, and the Obama administration is once again spending millions on “navigator” outreach programs. The U.S. Department of Health […]

Fla. county’s unrecorded land restriction may put couple out of business

For Robert and Anita Breinig, the Flash Beach Grille is more than a building. The Hobe Sound seafood restaurant and catering business is the culmination of years […]

Feds subsidize Florida law enforcement’s military equipment stockpile

From M-16 assault rifles to reconnaissance helicopters to electric golf carts, local law enforcement agencies in Florida have been stocking up on surplus military equipment for years. […]

Tallahassee: Voter-backed ethics reform proposal fast-tracked, but with no guarantees

The expression “You can’t fight City Hall,” has so far held true for thousands of Tallahassee residents who want ethics reform. Come Aug. 29, they’ll have their day […]