‘Peaceful protester’ attempts to light KTLA reporter on fire at vigil

The more we let these actions happen, the more these actions will happen. A news reporter for KTLA in Los Angeles opened up the segment describing a […]

Woman reunited with prized mustang stolen 28 years earlier

Many of us have lost prized possessions only to find them a day later, a week…maybe even a month. But 28 years? Twenty-eight years ago, Lynda Alsip, […]

Nick Searcy torches ‘white guilt’ parenting article: ‘He’s sucking up to guilty white libs’

It’s no secret that liberals love to feel guilty about things that happened years ago that nobody now is responsible for. Calvin Hennick wrote an article “7 […]

Bathroom graffiti scare: ‘Cop will be killed on New Year’s night’

Using a gas station bathroom when you really have to is one thing, using it to leave a threatening note for police is another. With threats to […]

Even millennials are serving up the top 10 Democrat fails of 2014

Well, 2014 is almost over. But before we raise a glass of bubbly, it’s time to look back at the year that wasn’t for democrats. As we […]

More assassination attempts on cops in 24 hrs, ‘presidential leadership would be nice right about now’

Police officers are coming under attacks around the country — including two shootings in Los Angeles in 24 hours. While the president vacations in Hawaii, reports from […]

Krauthammer counsels GOP on Obama’s veto threat: ‘Bring it on, Mr. President’

President Obama is warning the new Republican Congress he plans to use his veto when members take their seats in a few weeks Fox News commentator has […]

Video: Obama’s ‘sorry’ phone call recorded as he shirks blame for ruining soldiers’ wedding plans

Trying to quell an image of callousness not even a mainstream media whitewash can make go away, the president whose golf game forced two Army captains to […]

Woodward takes Obama to task on national security: ‘Clearly the world is not safer’

Legendary reporter Bob Woodward hit the mark Sunday describing the state of world under during the Barack Obama presidency. On “Fox News Sunday,” the veteran Washington observer […]

‘Sea Of Blue’ rally-for-cops organizers pushing for larger, national movement

Sometimes you only need a few to get the ball rolling. On Saturday, the Public Square in Cleveland was a “Sea of Blue” as thousands stood united […]

Now they want the cops! Driver plows through #BlackLivesMatter protesters blocking road in LA

Admit it … of you have thought to yourselves, ‘if I had somewhere to be and protesters were in the way, I might have to just keep […]

Poisoned rift between NYPD, liberal mayor is here for the long term, police commissioner says

The New York Police Department was wounded with the actions of Mayor Bill de Blasio not defending them when protesters on Dec 13 chanted “What do we […]