President of Black Lawyers for Justice: Time for New Black Panthers to ‘build up that army . . . go to gun range’

The second amendment is one that we treasure and protect but when it comes to this hate speech, the hammer of justice must be brought down. The […]

Watch adorable baby girl react to dad’s advice on how men should treat her

This video is a “be inspired” favorite. It’s not easy to raise children but explaining to them from a young age the respect they should receive and […]

Toddler’s wedding dance moves will make you chuckle!

Dancing with the Stars in this young man’s future. You know the old saying, someone is always watching. Well, during this wedding party, the camera phone starts […]

Photos: Dozen of cars in massive pile-up on snowy highway

A massive pileup involved at least 35 cars on Interstate 93 in Ashland, N.H., on Friday morning. A snow squall passed through the area around 9:45 a.m., […]

‘Mindful’ of the optics? Obamas dine at restaurant offering $500K memberships

Americans have been told for years they should have a seat at the table, we are pretty much sure it’s not this table. The Obamas spent the first […]

CNN changes ’50 Shades of Jihad’ headline

Sometimes things are better left unsaid. Thursday morning, CNN posted an article giving us an outlook of some of the things we might see in 2015. One […]

Anderson Cooper mocks Piers Morgan during New Year’s Eve broadcast: ‘I hope he gets a job, one day’

Media personalities with public spats make for the best reality TV. Anderson Cooper finally got his chance to respond on air to the sniping of former CNN […]

SEE IT: Freak ‘mini-tornado’ at Rose Bowl, dust devil caught on video

A rare wind event before a nationally television college football playoff game had onlookers running for their lives. The “sporadic wind event” took place around 1:30 p.m. […]

Mosque leaders furious with singer Selena Gomez for Instagram pics showing ‘ankle porn’

When in Rome….. Selena Gomez visited a mosque in Abu Dhabi, with her friends before the end of 2014 and while taking a photo inside the mosque, […]

See Kimberly Guilfoyle and Bob Beckel’s HOT KISS: ‘Fox News Channel, where’s my bonus?!’

It was the kiss seen around the world. Anything goes on the last night of the year, and Fox News decided to add to fun TV by […]

Teacher’s classroom experiment goes viral globally; most valuable lessons kids will learn

A well-meaning sixth-grade teacher from Tulsa, Okla., wanted to teach her students about posting inappropriate material on social media, and ended up learning an important lesson herself, […]

Family cat saves 5-year old from bullies; dubbed hero

A recent episode that went down in the British town of Doncaster showed that you are never too small to protect the ones you love. When a […]