Trump extends guidelines through April 30: ‘Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before victory is won’

During Sunday’s White House coronavirus briefing in the Rose Garden, President Trump said the federal government’s social distancing guiines will be extended to at least April 30. […] and
Home Depot co-founder goes ballistic over Mark Cuban slamming of 3M: ‘This is scurrilous!’

On Saturday, Neil Cavuto hosted a battle of the billionaires on his Fox News program … or accurately, a distinct disagreement about whether corporate giant 3M […] and
Cuomo threatens to sue feds and neighboring state, declares ‘anti-American’ quarantine cause for ‘civil war’

New York’s Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo proclaimed that if President Trump followed through with a quarantine of New York that he had mentionedon Saturday, it would be […]
Joe Biden refers to Wuhan virus as ‘Luhan Virus’ in shadow presser with pathetically low views

In an on town hall with amazingly meager viewership numbers, Democrat front-runner Joe Biden revealed once again how clueless he is … and perhaps how fast his […]
Hillary Clinton lambasted for disgusting potshot that exploits US virus tragedy to make Trump look bad

Amidst the most alarming threat to Americans and our way of life in memory, there can be no surprise when the left uses the crisis to take […]

People want to know how Dems will justify $35M for Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in coronavirus stimulus bill

Of the many completely unrelated provisions in Nancy Pelosi’s “socialist wish list” bill that the House Speaker is demanding as ransom for the passage of emergency coronavirus […]
Dems stuff emergency stimulus with outrageous socialist wish list. What you NEED to know:

It would be hard to overstate the shocking hubris and blind political ambition of Nancy Pelosi’s play to hold Americans hostage this week during the unprecedented coronavirus […] and
Harvey Weinstein’s positive coronavirus test sounds ‘fishy’

Terrence Williams, an actor, comedian, and conservative social media commentator, isn’t buying the news that disgraced former film producer Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for coronavirus. On […]

Pelosi prepares her own draft after halting Senate’s attempt to get emergency bill passed

Sunday evening, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell angrily ravaged Democrats’ last-minute obstruction on a massive emergency funding measure that had been previously negotiated in bipartisan committees in […]
‘You are your safest sex partner’: NYC nixes orgies, officials publish guide to coronavirus intimacy

During the weekend, captive social media users are raising the visibility of what some would say should have been a quickly forgotten progressive primer on sex during […]
City in Washington includes ban on alcohol and gun sales in proposed coronavirus emergency plan

It doesn’t take long for wannabe alphas to seize the day, does it? Not letting the current crisis go to waste, the city council of Bellingham, Washington, […]

Encouraging: Washington State – US coronavirus ground zero – sees curve start to level out

Perhaps providing a ray of hope with regard to the aggressive coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation, University of Washington Virology Department tracking indicates that positive test results […]