‘Pretty sick!’ Sen Duckworth under fire for saying Trump purposefully withheld ventilators as people died

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE. Friday, Sen. Tammy Duckworth groundlessly and maliciously accused President Trump of killing Americans […]
Trump rips Pelosi for holding up relief for small businesses: End your endless vacation and do your job!

Get the latest BPR news ivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE. While the coronavirus pandemic has spelled disaster for American business owners and employees, […]
Ginsburg blasts Supremes’ ruling as jeopardizing voters’ safety; Pelosi says SCOTUS is ‘undermining our democracy’

Late Monday night, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Wisconsin cannot accept absentee votes that are ed in and postmarked after the Tuesday primary and general judicial […]
Fox News reporter and Jon Karl provoke Trump at presser: ‘You’re a third-rate reporter’

President Trump’s patience with the White House press corps has obviously been tested in his daily coronavirus briefings, with several of the most contemptuous mainstream correspondents constantly […]
Lawmaker ‘can’t take it anymore,’ to refer Trump for ‘crimes against humanity’ at The Hague; pleads for legal help

Another Democrat is attempting to make a name for herself for her TDS bona fides by declaring she will make a referral at The Hague on Monday […]
Trump admin considers legal action over China hoarding world’s PPE while lying about virus: ‘Cold-blooded… murder’

The White House is reportedly considering legal action against China for blocking the export of personal protective equipment (PPE) and attempting to “corner the world market.” According […]
Folks question why Fauci cheered using drug for MERS coronavirus in 2013… but now he’s skeptical

It’s been found that seven years ago,Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed that he was encouraged by lab tests involving a combination of drugs that includedhydroxychloroquine in antiviral experiments […]

Trump implies Biden’s clueless: ‘He doesn’t understand what he’s watching’

To be clear,President Trump didn’t call Joe Biden “dumb,” he told reporters that he wasn’t writing his own tweets and that “he doesn’t understand what he’s watching.’ […]
Trump strongly squashes Democrats’ dream November election scenario pushed by reporters

President Trump made it very clear on Friday why he does not support -in voting. “Do you think every single state in this country should be prepared […] and
Tucker hits faulty Fauci for suggesting ‘national suicide’ while enjoying ‘bulletproof job security’

Tucker Carlson to aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci Friday night for his recommendation of a national stay-at-home order. The straight-talking Fox News host said that following his […]
New ‘distress alarm,’ ambulance display on Empire State Building incites panic in New Yorkers

Some New Yorkers have been rattled by a rotating red ambulance-light display on top of the Empire State Building that was intended to honor the emergency workers […]
De Blasio threatens to permanently close churches down for defying orders

Bill de Blasio threatened to permanently close down places of worship that don’t toe the on New York City’s shutdown order. Specifically calling out synagogues and […]