High BBC reporter
High journalist can’t report on burning pile of drugs without laughing incessantly

BBC Middle East correspondent Quentin Sommerville could barely finish this report because he got a little high standing too close to an enormous load of burning drugs. […]

online scammer
Even online scammers deserve Christmas gifts, especially gifts like this

Watch what happens when a man tired of online scammers decides to strike back at a scam artist in Nigeria. He’s going to get something in the […]

no monkey left behind
US Marine material! World mesmerized by hero monkey that saved his friend through sheer will

The Internet loves this video, saying that this monkey is showing a kind of compassion often lacking in human interactions. I wouldn’t call it compassion. The video […]

FedEx truck
Forget reindeer, watch for flying FedEx packages!

If FedEx tells you your package got lost in the mail, ask them if it was one of of the many that fell out of this truck […]

Steve Harvey
Is it weird if I sign my boyfriend’s ‘man part’? Steve Harvey’s show goes off the rails with this question

Steve Harvey has segment called “Is it Weird” where he has a clinical psychologist and a psychotherapist help viewers decide “if their habits are genuinely weird or […]

Audi parking
When he can’t find a parking spot, Audi driver makes one of his own!

This Audi commercial makes its point well: the Audi Q3 does things other cars can’t. If you struggle to find parking — and you’ve been very good […]

loyal pooch
Dog acts as a human shield, protecting companion from oncoming cars

Nothing matches the loyalty of a dog. This poor pooch won’t leave his deceased companion, and uses his body as a shield against oncoming cars. This canine […]

Deer crash
Ouch! Bicyclist crashes into jumping deer

Cyclist Silas Patlove estimates he was going 28 mph when a deer jumped over the guardrail and collided with his bike. That’s right, he was just on […]

backboard bang
Backboards ain’t as high as they look sometimes

Not a problem for most of us, but this incredibly athletic high school basketball player jumps so high that he might hit his head on the backboard. […]

fire extinguisher
Stifle it! Loud-mouth lady silenced with a fire extinguisher

This woman doesn’t know when to shut up! So the owner of the pizza shop let her know… by spraying her in the face with a fire […]

Forward flip with a twist: Drunk guy knocks himself out

Was he going for a mid-air spin or just straight for the concussion? Hope he’s OK, but whatever happened must’ve been bad. That nice blonde girl who […]

treadmill pushups
Guy falls off treadmill checking out a hottie at gym; hilariously recovers by doing push ups

When a redhead in tight pants caught his eye, this gym rat lost his footing on the treadmill. No shame in that. He turned his spill into […]