Pacers fan takes a big whiff of Lavoy Allen’s jersey

Some opportunities don’t come around often. So, when this Pacers’ fan had the chance to get a really good sniff of Lavoy Allen’s jersey, he seized the […]

Angry bull gores female bullfighter – twice!

Ouch! Lady bullfighter Karla de los Angeles was gored not once, but twice when she faced off against a half-ton bull in Mexico City. When the 25-year-old de […]

Patrick Stewart
Actor Patrick Stewart sweeps the Internet with singing elf hat and laughing wife

Every once in a while, a video comes out that really shows a celebrity’s human side. This is one of them. The venerable British-born actor Patrick Stewart, […]

Reaction when son pays off parents’ mortgage for Christmas

This dutiful son brought his parents to tears with his amazing Christmas gift: He paid off their mortgage! Watch the video to see the emotional reactions of […]

Santa prank
Santa’s sexy helper pulls a naughty prank!

To be fair, when a good-looking woman in a skimpy Santa outfit asked passers-by to help her load a giant present into her car, they probably didn’t […]

motorcycle cop
Cop’s helmet camera lands two Aussie potheads in hot water

It’s summertime in Australia now, and for these guys, the heat was on. The two Aussie blokes had no idea that while they were rolling a joint […]

persistent dog
Can’t-turn-away rescue video: Two men save steadfast dog from old well

If you want to see the definition of persistence unfold, watch this video. After some heartbreakingly close calls, even more dramatic than Bruce Wayne’s attempt to escape […]

homeless man
Watch what a homeless man does when a stranger gives him $100 — it might surprise you!

The homeless man, flush with cash, fulfilled the stereotype and went into a liquor store. But you’ll never believe what happens after that. This viral video was […]

fruity christmas
These kids will NEVER be disappointed on Christmas

Tim Cocker’s children got very excited when their dad told them they’d be opening an early Christmas present. The adorable and well-raised tykes kept their cool, and […]

horned man
You don’t want this guy in your Christmas stocking

Looking at this man, it’s impossible not to ask: What was he thinking when he did that to himself? Still, all-tattooed and pierced, this strange, horned man […]

NBA Christmas
Slam dunk: Check out Christmas — the NBA way

Check out this fun compilation of the best NBA Christmas moments from over the years. It’s a mix of old and new faces, amazing shots, and some […]

dancing pup
Watch: You’ve never seen a dog dance like this!

Adorable little poodle bursts into a joyful (and skillful) dance when he sees his owner. First he does the cha-cha, then jumps up and down, then he […]