2 names come up on Trump’s narrowing VP list–and they could not be more different

“Well, they’re both good guys.”

hillary3 screen shot
Pro-Hillary Clinton super-PAC accepted $200K in banned donations, the Hill reports exclusively

A super-PAC set up to support Hillary Clinton received $200,000 in banned donations from a company holding multiple contracts with the federal government. In an exclusive, The Hill […]

When Brit Hume is challenged about Fox News being ‘anti-Trump,’ he calls out 4 hosts by name

“Fox News is all in for Hillary”…

Meanwhile, CNN’s hot news, Obama stacks ‘Cheerios’ on a stuffed dog …

Had another Islamic terrorist attack during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan not occurred Tuesday, President Barack Obama stacking Cheerios on a stuffed dog seemed to be […]

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Rush Limbaugh has strong words for anyone who doesn’t think Benghazi report told us anything new

“I’ll tell you something that’s new that the Americans have found out and our enemies have found out at the same time . . .”

ANOTHER Islamic terror attack rocks world capital. Trump’s tweet just afterwards goes viral

“Gunshots, screams and explosions pierced the air Tuesday as three terrorists armed with bombs and guns killed at least 36 people . . .”

Former Trump adviser inked deal with CNN, now it comes out there may be 1.2 million reasons for it

Lewandowski reportedly ousted by Ivanka, but may have had extra motivation to leave campaign…

focus group
‘The Statue of Liberty needs to have a No Vacancy sign’ – how many of you agree?

“A lot of other countries have walls, why can’t we?”

muslim woman2
Muslim woman at LAX launches 2 middle fingers and a crazy rant about bombing America, targeting gays

“F*** America,” she said, raising both middle fingers. “I will make sure we bomb America. You wait and see!”

Kenny Chesney announces cop’s death at concert, but there was a big oops – how he fixed it was stellar!

Country music star Kenny Chesney was forced to apologize after mistakenly announcing at a concert over the weekend that a police officer who had been shot seven times […]

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Mitch McConnell won’t say it, but House Budget chair declares Trump is ‘absolutely’ qualified to be president

Some lawmakers are not afraid to back him, because at this point . . .

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Investigative reporter backs up ex-Secret Service agent’s explosive tell-all book on Clintons

New claims of Bills ‘jogging sex list’ and WH cocaine use.