Capitol Police reportedly ask Nat’l Guard for extended stay, Dem Rep demands Congress be briefed on why

The Capitol Police have reportedly asked the National Guard to extend their stay in D.C. by two months amid concerns over so-called domestic extremists plotting to target […]

Bipartisan senators seek to strip Biden of war powers with new bill after airstrikes in Syria

A bipartisan effort by Sens. Tim Kaine and Todd Young coalesced on Wednesday as they introduced legislation that would strip President Biden of his war powers after […]

Sixth-grade teacher reportedly divides students into ‘privileged’ and ‘targeted’ groups to illustrate ‘oppression’

A 6th-grade choir teacher in Minnesota reportedly taught a lesson to her students involving “types of oppression” by segregating the children into “privileged” and “targeted” groups during […]

Michael Brown Sr., Ferguson protesters demand $20m from BLM: ‘We’re coming for what we deserve’

Ferguson protesters and Michael Brown Sr. are now demanding $20 million from Black Lives Matter after it was revealed they pulled in more than $90 million last […]

Miss. Gov fires back at Biden for insulting ‘Neanderthal’ comment: We ‘don’t need handlers’

President Biden in a “deplorables” moment on Wednesday offensively accused states of being guilty of “Neanderthal thinking” if they choose to drop their mask mandates and other […]

Virtual feed cut off after Biden tells ‘Nance’ he’s ‘happy to take questions’ from Dems

President Joe Biden addressed the House Democrats 2021 Issues Conference on Wednesday and, at the end of the virtual event, said that he would be happy to […]

Last Man Standing’s Tim Allen says he’s glad Trump ‘pissed people off’

Comedian Tim Allen appeared on the “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast and set social media on fire when he stated that he kind of liked that former […]

Joni Ernst calls on colleagues to ‘read fine print’ of Dems’ pork-laden COVID relief bill

Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst is calling on her fellow lawmakers to actually “read the fine print” contained in the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package before […]

‘Sit this one out’: Gavin Newsom torched for shrill reaction to Texas reopening

California Gov. Gavin Newsom excoriated Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Tuesday over lifting coronavirus restrictions, claiming it risks a viral resurgence and calling it “absolutely reckless” on Twitter. […]

Little boy forced to read redefined ‘GayBCs’ and social media explodes: ‘This is full-on abuse!’

A viral video has surfaced of a woman helping a little boy read from a book called “The GayBCs” that uses the alphabet to introduce readers as […]

Only 365 more days to stop the spread! Hope-dashing Biden thinks things could be normal ‘by this time next year’

President Biden was asked on Tuesday when he thought that the United States will return to normal following the pandemic. He hedged his answer but said he […]

Leo Terrell goes nuclear on liberal professor over Dr. Seuss: ‘You don’t speak for the black community!’

Civil rights attorney and radio host Leo Terrell tore angrily and loudly into liberal professor Dr. Omekongo Dibinga on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Tuesday night when […]