‘Completely anti-biblical’: Target selling devotional book that includes prayer to ‘hate white people’

A pastor with a church in Virginia is outraged over a book being sold by Target in their “Christian Life” section that includes a “prayer” written by […]

Boom! Dana Loesch asks stinging question about Biden’s expected new gun control orders

Conservative radio and TV host Dana Loesch tweeted out a spot-on question concerning President Biden’s looming gun control executive orders. It appropriately linked the issue to Hunter […]

Hateful celebs, not Obama staff, hid mean notes in WH for Trump team, Dave Chappelle reveals: ‘I saw them’

Comedian Dave Chappelle spilled the beans over who left “dirty notes” for Trump staffers in the White House when the former president took office in 2017. He […]

Brooke Baldwin delivers parting shot to the ‘dudes’ that dominate CNN’s executive leadership

With only a few days left on the clock, liberal CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin took a well-timed parting shot at the mostly male executive leadership at the […]

Cher learns to think before she tweets after she has to apologize twice for ‘imprecise’ Floyd tweet

Singer/Actress Cher has issued a second apology after doing some “soul searching” for a now-deleted tweet concerning the murder of George Floyd and how she thought she […]

United Airlines vows 50% of new pilots hired will be women or minorities to reflect passenger diversity

United Airlines is publically committing to upping their diversity by vowing to hire and train 5,000 pilots over the next decade with at least 50% being women […]

Bo Snerdley shares insights on ’60 Minutes’ DeSantis hit job: ‘they want to take him out early’

Rush Limbaugh producer, screener, and longtime friend James Golden, aka Bo Snerdley, sat down for an interview Tuesday on NewsMax and ripped into “60 Minutes” for its […]

Cuomo backtracks on pandemic ‘license to kill,’ signs bill repealing legal immunity for NY nursing homes

Governor Andrew Cuomo has at long last repealed a law in New York that he originally signed giving legal immunity to nursing homes and other essential businesses […]

Biden tells Georgia ‘smarten up’ or else; takes a swing at the Masters tournament leaving the state

President Joe Biden doubled down on his “Jim Crow” statements in connection to Georgia’s voter integrity law and admonished legislators on Tuesday to “smarten up” before more […]

‘Bo Snerdley’ smacks ‘woke’ Dems and their ‘depraved’ narrative that black voters can’t get IDs

Rush Limbaugh’s longtime producer, call-screener, and friend James Golden, widely known as Bo Snerdley, spoke with Mark Steyn on Fox News Monday and blasted the Democratic Party […]

Leo Terrell slams left for taking a page out of ‘Al Sharpton’s playbook’, using racism to bully companies

Fox News contributor and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell on Tuesday told “Fox & Friends” that Democrats were taking a page from the “Rev. Al Sharpton’s playbook” […]

Mollie Hemingway: Biden declared ‘economic warfare’ on state of Ga., he’s not the unifier he claimed

Fox News commentator, and author at “The Federalist,” Mollie Hemingway ripped into President Biden for declaring “economic warfare” on Georgia in regards to his attack against a […]