Trump haters try to steal MAGA hat from fan at Yankee Stadium, crowd ROARS when he puts it back on

Two Trump-haters attempted to steal a fan’s MAGA hat during the Mets vs. Yankees subway series at Yankee Stadium and not only did they fail epically doing […]

Mueller ‘pit bull’ Andrew Weissman: It’s ‘anti-American’ for Tucker Carlson to complain about big gov’t spying

MSNBC analyst and lead prosecutor for former special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, Andrew Weissman, has determined that it is “anti-American” for Fox News host Tucker Carlson to […]

Toyota halts donations to Republicans who voted against election certification after Lincoln Project ad

After being smeared in a Lincoln Project ad followed by an intense backlash from leftists, Toyota has announced they will no longer donate to Republicans who voted […]

Army veteran and Texas candidate predicts defunding the military will be left’s next big push

Army veteran and Texas congressional candidate Wesley Hunt emphatically stated on ‘Fox & Friends’ Wednesday that a “push to defund the military” and the Department of Defense […]

Chicago Lyft & Uber driver sues CDC for requiring riders to wear masks, infringes on right to service someone in need

A driver for Uber and Lyft in Chicago is slapping the CDC with a lawsuit over their federally enforced mask mandate claiming it is unconstitutional and violates […]

Biden prepares to limit non-compete clauses and employer wage collusion with new executive order

President Biden is preparing to sign a sweeping executive order that will ban or severely limit non-compete agreements used by employers to keep their employees from jumping […]

‘100% projection’: Joy Reid slammed for smearing opponents of CRT as racist, terrified radicals

MSNBC’s “ReidOut” host Joy Reid went on a racist tear against parents who attend school board meetings to protest Critical Race Theory, labeling them white nationalists and […]

Sears and Kmart pull ‘Ashli Babbitt American Patriot’ T-shirts; tick off both sides

Sears and Kmart yanked T-shirts from their websites that called now-deceased Jan. 6 protester Ashli Babbitt an “American Patriot,” groveling after an explosive enraged outcry from leftists […]

Biden pushes 14 yrs of schooling for all Americans, hundreds of Trump supporters push back, in person

President Joe Biden gave a union-backed speech in Illinois, pushing 14 years of free education for all Americans so they can compete globally, while hundreds of Trump […]

Al Sharpton actually slammed liberals for ignoring black-on-black crime

MSNBC commentator and racial activist Al Sharpton stunningly called out black liberals over ignoring black-on-black shootings and violent crime in major cities while condemning unjustified police shootings. […]

White House open to more lockdowns; Fauci, others push re-masking, more restrictions over variant

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made the disturbing proclamation that the Biden administration would be open to states reimposing restrictive, suffocating, job-killing lockdowns due to the […]

Moms keep up fight against Ohio private school that expelled their kids over parents’ anti-CRT initiative

Two mothers are angrily speaking out and making waves after a “woke” Ohio private school expelled their children in retaliation because they dared to start an anti-Critical […]