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Reliving Rush’s Profound Words on God and Truth

Rush Limbaugh

House Intel Dem warns Trump: ‘Gloat now, you will be fired soon. And it’s not going to be done cowardly …’

The House Intelligence Committee Democrat felt McCabe’s firing is “just an effort to take a key player off the field.”

Obama administration just killed McDonald’s as you know it

The Obama administration is still hard at work dismantling the economic engine the late President Ronald Reagan carefully put in place 30-plus years ago, and this time […]

Puerto Rico
Feds give residents of Puerto Rico disability benefits – because they speak Spanish!

BY: Elizabeth Harrington The Social Security Administration (SSA) approved disability benefits for hundreds of Puerto Ricans because they do not speak English, despite the fact that Puerto Rico […]

Ex-FOIA official: ‘There’s no doubt’ Hillary Clinton knew she was circumventing the law

Former Freedom of Information Act official Daniel Metcalfe said that he had been part of so many Hillary Clinton scandals that he stopped counting at 23. Metcalfe […]

Perception of Obama backing Iranian power play is spurring ‘rise in radicalism’

Washington Free Beacon: The perception that President Obama has backed an Iranian power play has spurred a rise in radicalism.  Max Boot, senior fellow at the Council […]

Hotel cost for Michelle Obama’s 2-day Cambodia visit included 85 rooms, 5 suites for 14 NIGHTS!

BY: Elizabeth Harrington Hotel accommodations for First Lady Michelle Obama’s two-day trip to Cambodia required 85 rooms and cost taxpayers $242,500, according to a government contract released Friday. […]

Creepy alert! EPA wants hotels to monitor how long guests take in shower, to modify their behavior

BY: Elizabeth Harrington The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants hotels to monitor how much time its guests spend in the shower. The agency is spending $15,000 to create […]

Jen Psaki
State Dept. admits it misled reporters about meeting with Muslim Brotherhood

State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki admitted Monday that the information she provided to the press about a visiting delegation of  Muslim Brotherhood leaders had been false.  Psaki […]

ABC recaps Hillary Clinton’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year!

ABC’s Jon Karl unveiled his postmortem of Hillary Clinton’s political activities in 2014, claiming the year “didn’t go exactly as planned” for the former Secretary of State. […]

Real men of freedom teaser

Beginning in 2012, the Free Beacon has marked the end of each year by celebrating the men who lived the hardest, loved the softest, and made America American. Previous winners can […]

Truthy removes part of website that monitored conservative hashtags

The National Science Foundation (NSF) project designed to track “misinformation” on Twitter has removed portions of its website that monitored political users, including conservatives who used the […]