Two Afghan pilot trainees MIA from Air Force base in US: ‘Still think Trump is wrong?’

Two Afghan pilot trainees are missing after failing to report for duty at a Georgia U.S. Air Force base. Officials at Moody AFB in Valdosta, Georgia released […]

Investigators say Farook plotted 2012 attack, got ‘spooked’; wife may be ‘operative’

More chilling facts have surfaced about San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook, as investigators revealed he may have plotted an attack as early as 2012 with a different […]

Trump to Barbara Walters: Many of my Muslim friends agree with me 100%

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump stood firm in his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. in an interview with the iconic Barbara Walters. With a stunning […]

MSNBC host hangs up on Trump mid-sentence after interview quickly goes OFF RAILS

On national television, liberal Joe Scarborough cut off Donald Trump like a crank radio show caller, going to a break while Trump was still speaking. Trump called […]

BAIT & SWITCH: Dems propose ‘no-fly, no-gun’ but mean something entirely different

In his address to the nation Sunday, President Obama said that “no one on a no-fly list” should be able to buy a gun, but exactly what […]

Watch Malkin SCHOOL lib guest who tries to use herself as example for gun control

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin slammed Hillary Clinton and the liberal media for “demonizing law-abiding Christians” while coddling deadly jihadists. Addressing liberal backlash against Liberty University president Jerry […]

Trump may be right! Classified report claims terrorists use US refugee program

New intelligence has emerged about radical Muslim terrorists targeting American refugee programs to enter the country—and it appears to support Donald Trump. Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul disclosed parts […]

Did ‘modern girl’ terrorist wear the pants?

Presumed terrorist Syed Farook hesitated before opening fire on a crowded room full of his coworkers, according to witnesses. Survivors told investigators that Tashfeen Malik, 29, shot […]

What’s with Obama saying ‘ISIL,’ not ‘ISIS’? Trump asks, as he CRUSHES speech with live tweets

President Obama’s address to the nation Sunday night offered Republican frontrunner Donald Trump a rich target, but he hit a bullseye when he shared his frustration at […]

WATCH: President Obama’s Oval Office ‘mulligan’ speech with transcript

Sunday night, President Obama addressed the nation from the Oval Office in a prime-time speech on terrorism, the Islamic State, and his efforts to deal with those […]

FBI can’t see NSA phone data on terror couple after program shut down just DAYS before shooting

The FBI found itself in a bit of a pickle in obtaining terrorist Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik’s phone records because the NSA’s mass surveillance […]

‘I went numb’: BPR writer shares moment San Bernardino terror became HER OWN tragedy

For one of us at BPR, the cold-blooded act of terror is more than just a story—it’s deeply personal. Writing for a political news blog,  it’s easy […]

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