MSNBC throws punches at Trump on Putin, Obama ends up with bloody nose

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump dished it right back at liberal MSNBC host Joe Scarborough when questioned about Vladimir Putin‘s praise of the candidate. “At least he’s a leader,” Trump […]

Obama FINALLY says it!

Watch the press conference below.

Final exam bonus requires students to call Trump horrible things

Some college students got a rude introduction to their professor’s politics when a question on their final exam was used to attack GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump–calling […]

Post-debate chatter all about one candidate’s ‘flipper hands’

Tuesday night’s Republican presidential debate shaped up to be perhaps the best appearance by the candidates so far.  They were focused on the issues while managing to […]

Protests, conflict, controversy IGNITE Vegas rally; Trump’s advice, ‘go home and relax’

Donald Trump sailed into Las Vegas Monday where he held a pre-debate rally, urging his lower-polling rivals to “go home and relax.”  But the liberal press turned […]

INSANITY! Political pundit suggests diplomatic recognition for ISIS as ‘bona fide state’

Insanity has broken out in the U.K., as one newspaper gave voice to an unthinkable idea—giving the Islamic State diplomatic recognition. On Tuesday, The Independent published Russian […]

Student org with alleged terror roots invites high school girls to ‘walk a mile in her hijab’

A Chicago area high school hosted a “Walk a Mile in Her Hijab” event in which students wore traditional Muslim headscarfs to “hopefully denounce negative stereotypes,” yet […]

‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ one of 2015’s top lies; even the Left can’t deny

Even the liberal-leaning Washington Post’s own fact checker couldn’t deny “hands up, don’t shoot” was one of the biggest lies of 2015. Normally, the fact checker occupies […]

Turban-wearing Bronco fans nearly turned away from NFL game, but that wasn’t the end of it

Was it fearful backlash or legitimate security concern that almost caused three turban-wearing Bronco fans to be turned away from the game? After a seven hour drive […]

Cruz’s hilarious response to Trump’s ‘maniac’ name-calling

Ted Cruz’s hilarious response to Donald Trump’s latest bout of name-calling left the billionaire speechless. Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Trump said Cruz was unqualified for the […]

Bride-terrorist didn’t think this part through – may get what’s coming to her

Deceased terrorist Tashfeen Malik may get her just reward: since no one has claimed her body, San Bernardino County could cremate her remains—in violation of Islamic law. […]

Banned yearbook photo brings all out WAR; dad asks you to help fight progressive jerk principal

Irrational liberal anti-gun hysteria has now expanded to ban pictures of guns in a school yearbook—even in gun-toting North Dakota—and one father is outraged. My first update! […]