Unthinkable new video: Planned Parenthood harvested brain of baby who was STILL ALIVE

The group that has already released six undercover videos exposing the barbaric practices of Planned Parenthood’s baby parts operation has released a seventh video today. The video, […]

‘It does matter!’ Trump uses his power to SHRED the ‘Deleter of the Free World’

Donald Trump smashed Hillary Clinton over her email scandal in a devastating video featuring a New York Post cover headlined “Deleter of the Free World.” The March 11 […]

Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter found safe, birth mother blames Rosie for disappearance

  Rosie O’Donnell thanked those who helped search for her missing 17-year-old daughter Chelsea, who she said was safely found Tuesday. chelsea has been found and is […]

Hillary shrugs! Wiping server question a big joke: ‘Like with a cloth or something?’

Hillary Clinton mined some pure comedy gold–she was trying to be serious–in her reaction to a reporter’s persistent questions about her email server. During Tuesday’s town hall in […]

Obama drug czar announces new heroin plan; how will it work?

With the skyrocketing number of heroin users in the Northeast, the Obama administration has announced a new program to fight the addiction. Obama’s drug czar Michael Botticelli […]

See what happens when Beck and Hannity finally face off on Trump

Glenn Beck had a lot of explaining to do after publicly calling out Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh, referring to them as “conservatives” […]

Macon business took down Confederate flag, and put THIS up to make a point

One thing is certain: the flag is getting a lot of attention.

Showdown! Amazon fights NY Times over ‘tell all’ about horrible, merciless working conditions

Thinking of working for Amazon?  Make sure you’ve got what it takes. “Nearly every person I worked with, I saw cry at their desk,” is how one […]

Is Trump’s proposal to end ‘birthright citizenship’ too extreme?

Donald Trump’s long-awaited position paper on immigration reform contains one point sure to get Americans talking about what makes a person an American citizen: Trump wants to […]

‘I am Batman’: Trump tells 9-year-old during chopper ride

Donald Trump revealed his secret identity to a 9-year-old as his chopper flew over the patchwork of Iowa farmland, telling a boy “I am Batman.” Sarah Bowman […]

Murder victims begged for help on Facebook, deputies returned 4 times, knocked, but didn’t enter home

A disturbing timeline released by law enforcement officials shows that sheriff’s deputies responded to a Houston murder victim’s pleas for help by knocking on the door of […]

Tennessee school REFUSES to cave despite mom’s fight to ban Confederate flag

A Tennessee school isn’t caving to liberal cleansing of the Confederate battle flag despite one mother’s claim that she fears for her son’s safety. Stewarts Creek High School […]

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