Glenn Greenwald evens the score on ‘rich white woman’ Molly Jong-Fast for whining about ‘rich white men’

The Atlantic’s Molly Jong-Fast, perhaps known best for her nuclear hot takes and minimal brain activity, made the mistake of complaining about “old, rich white men” in […]

NYC teacher arrested for allegedly choking 12-yr-old student; Twitter’s reaction is surprising

A New York City teacher identified as 45-year-old Chester Hingle was reportedly arrested on Thursday after he allegedly put his hands on a young student’s neck and […]

Mass. DoE says kids can use whatever bathrooms they want, if you have a problem with it? Get help.

Libs of TikTok is still at it, exposing the insanity of the left and specifically their gender ideology and how it affects children. A recent post by […]

Conservative credit card company looks to take on woke banks

As the corporate world grows increasingly “woke” and personal values become company policy, conservative Americans are looking for alternatives that align with their views. That is where […]

Hilarity ensues when Gutfeld wins a day with Watters’ assistant: ‘Jesse can’t help you now’

(Video: Fox News) After winning a game of “Sink or Swim” on fellow Fox News host Jesse Watters’ primetime program, Greg Gutfeld got to spend the day […]

Fans weigh in when James Woods tweets ‘fanatic’ threatening unmasked worker: ‘Textbook Stockholm syndrome’

Now that most mask mandates have been removed from businesses, a large segment of the population including employees have been opting out of wearing them. For normal […]

Justice Sotomayor poses bizarre question as SCOTUS hears arguments for school coach fired for praying

On Monday, the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in the case of Joseph Kennedy, a junior varsity head coach from Washington state’s Bremerton […]

Shaun King has meltdown for the ages when Twitter takeover spins him into a free speech frenzy

Shaun King, who many speculated had deleted his Twitter account following the news that Elon Musk had officially purchased the platform, is back and bitter-er than ever. […]

DNC chair’s derogatory term for Gov DeSantis does NOT go over well

While talking to the “Stephanie Miller’s Happy Hour” podcast on Friday, Democrat National Committee chairman Jaime Harrison railed against Republicans, and specifically called out Florida Governor Ron […]

MSNBC analyst: ‘If Jesus were alive today, he would be called a groomer’

Matthew Dowd, MSNBC analyst and self-professed Christian, said on Wednesday that if “Jesus were alive today, he would be called a groomer” as well as “woke” and […]

Insane video shows Mike Tyson pummel plane passenger who won’t stop bothering him

A video released by TMZ appears to capture famous boxer Mike Tyson laying into a fellow plane passenger who reportedly wouldn’t stop harassing him. While Tyson was […]

Trump campaign must pay Omarosa’s whopping legal fees following unsuccessful lawsuit

Former President Donald Trump’s unsuccessful bid to sue Omarosa Manigault Newman for writing a tell-all book about her time serving in the White House resulted in his […]

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