Black pastors call out Kaepernick, urge him to ‘pour your energy’ into real change

The Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) published an open letter to former football player and full-time racial grievance-monger Colin Kaepernick on Monday. This letter, while being a […]

Trump expertly dismisses attention-seeking immigration protester during Jamestown speech

President Trump was giving an uncharacteristically calm speech in Jamestown, Virginia during which he praised our Founding Fathers for the work they did in forging a new […]

New Trump campaign ad is a comic book-style ‘squad’ bodyslam

President Trump isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to “The Squad” and he sure isn’t intimidated by their identify politics defense. Rather than take on his […]

Omar reportedly splits with husband and moves into swanky Minneapolis apartment

The Daily Mail has exclusively reported that they learned Democratic Representative of Minnesota Ilhan Omar has split from her husband, Ahmed Hirsi – the father of her […]

Feistiest 5 minutes of Mueller Day! You have no more power to exonerate Trump ‘than you have power to declare him Anderson Cooper’

Special Counsel head Robert Mueller has received the grilling of a lifetime from Republicans who take issue with his report and complete lack of willingness to discuss […]

No, Mueller won’t say impeachment would be appropriate, but they keep asking

In closing for the Republican’s of questioning, Representative Mike Johnson wanted to tie up some lose ends and remove all doubt from the hearing. While questions […]

‘Outside my purview:’ Broken-record Mueller shuts down damning questions. Disaster for Dems!

Congressman Steve Chabot also got the opportunity to dig into Mueller’s final report, and question the Director on his handling of the investigation and the findings that […]

Matt Gaetz brings the fire, burns Mueller on Steele and Strozk

There have been a lot of noteworthy clips from the Mueller “obstruction of justice” testimony, but Representative Matt Gaetz definitely brought the anger that a lot of […]

Collins catches flustered Mueller contradict his own report in big moment right out of the gate

Rep. Doug Collins put the screws to former Special Council head Robert Mueller during his hearing, demanding to clarify the use of the terms “conspiracy” and “collusion,” […]

Mueller’s opening statement

Head of the former Special Council Robert Mueller’s highly anticipated public hearing is finally here. He is testifying before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees on his […]

Mayor Pete Buttigieg facing mass mutiny back home as officers claim they receive no support

It’s hard enough to be a police officer in 2019 America, where it is now acceptable to assault LEOs for simply doing their jobs as we saw […]

Senate easily confirms new Defense Secretary, despite heated Elizabeth Warren protests

The Senate has officially voted to confirmPresident Trump’s Secretary of Defense pick Mark Esper with an end result of 90-8. Esper had been serving as the Army […]

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