Rapper leads ‘F**k NYPD’ chant hours after having gun charges dropped without explanation

Rapper Roddy Ricch, whose birth name is Rodrick Moore, had been busted by police on felony gun possession charges, only to have them dropped with no explanation. […]

Dem lawmaker’s daughter, 17, dies at home days after he voices his ‘tremendous pride’ in her activism

Gwen Casten, the 17-year-old daughter of Democratic Representative Sean Casten of Illinois, has passed away according to the lawmaker’s office. The death occurred on Monday at the […]

Remember those ‘voter suppression laws’ in Georgia? Here’s how that turned out…

Recall, if you will, April 2021 when Major League Baseball decided to pull their famous All-Star Game out of Atlanta, Georgia due to the passage of voter […]

Biden admin to spend billions on new bike lanes, cameras; struggling Americans sound off…‘Do better!’

On Monday, the White House announced a new project that will be led by Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Over the next five years, an estimated […]

Winning Kentucky Derby trainer questioned about derogatory Kamala Harris tweet

Eric Reed, the trainer whose horse, Rich Strike, won the Kentucky Derby despite being quite the long shot, was quizzed by an ESPN host about a derogatory […]

Trump’s new Twitter handle? Biden floats attack on fmr. president by giving him really cool nicknames

President Joe Biden’s Wednesday visit to Illinois went just as well as most of his other speaking events, until he dubbed former President Donald Trump “the great […]

‘Pack the court!’ Desperate Dems meltdown over SCOTUS leak with peak hyperbole

Following the leak of a draft opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States regarding Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the leftist meltdown was swift. […]

Biden releases 3-point statement in response to SCOTUS leak; calls to codify Roe if overturned

President Joe Biden has reacted to the leak of an opinion draft of the Supreme Court of the United States, which, if true, would effectively overturn Roe […]

Glenn Greenwald evens the score on ‘rich white woman’ Molly Jong-Fast for whining about ‘rich white men’

The Atlantic’s Molly Jong-Fast, perhaps known best for her nuclear hot takes and minimal brain activity, made the mistake of complaining about “old, rich white men” in […]

NYC teacher arrested for allegedly choking 12-yr-old student; Twitter’s reaction is surprising

A New York City teacher identified as 45-year-old Chester Hingle was reportedly arrested on Thursday after he allegedly put his hands on a young student’s neck and […]

Mass. DoE says kids can use whatever bathrooms they want, if you have a problem with it? Get help.

Libs of TikTok is still at it, exposing the insanity of the left and specifically their gender ideology and how it affects children. A recent post by […]

Conservative credit card company looks to take on woke banks

As the corporate world grows increasingly “woke” and personal values become company policy, conservative Americans are looking for alternatives that align with their views. That is where […]

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