County clerk sounds alarm: Licenses for illegals look identical to non-immigrants, could be used to vote

One brave county clerk is standing up to the madness in New York by vowing to fight the decision to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in […]

Fed-up boss describes what he’s NOT looking for in hilarious video want ad

Marketing firm boss Gerard O’Shaughnessy has become frustrated with working with entitled young people who care more about their phones than the quality of their work. So […]

‘I plan to sue into oblivion’: Attorney to take on Antifa thugs following brutal attacks

Black-masked thugs were allowed to run free in the streets of Portland this week, which led to several brutal attacks including one that sent conservative journalist Andy […]

Trump ‘baby balloon’ approved for July 4th, but stipulations are a big win for the president

CODEPINK, a progressive organization that fancies themselves to be pro-woman and anti-war, decided that they were going to thumb their nose at President Trump during the 4th […]

AOC just picked a personal fight with Kellyanne Conway. Pass the popcorn.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visited a CBP detainment facility recently and what unfolded afterward was a drama that trumps any soap opera you’ve ever seen. First, she claims […]

‘We’re just ok’: NY Times posts video, op-ed denigrating America just in time for July 4th

Apparently, it’s the cool, new counter-culture thing to rag on the greatness of the United States just ahead of Independence Day – a day where we celebrate […]

Dunkin’ Donuts moves to shut down 9 of it’s own franchises for hiring illegal immigrant employees

Famous coffee and pastry shop Dunkin’ (formerly known as “Dunkin’ Donuts”) has decided to take the “America First” motto to heart and is cracking down on some […]

AZ governor steps up for America, will ‘withdraw all incentive dollars’ from Kaepernick’s Nike

BizPac Review published reports on Monday that Nike developed a Betsy Ross-themed shoe just in time to celebrate Independence Day, then yanked it from production. Shortly after, sponsored […]

Restaurant owner who booted Sarah Sanders warns: abuse is fair game, ‘consider dining at home’ … or else

Stephanie Wilkinson has re-affirmed the Red Hen’s stance that it is perfectly acceptable to refuse service to political and social figures you disagree with, and it was […]

Coke can ‘aha moment’ led to conviction for Princeton grad who murdered dad over cut allowance

34-year-old Princeton grad Thomas Gilbert Jr. is now facing life behind bars after a jury convicted him of murdering his own father in cold blood. The father’s […]

CA bill would dictate to churches what can be preached about LGBTQ ideology. Calling it sin is ‘harmful.’

With “Pride Month” coming to an end, California is pushing a resolution that seeks to control the language churches use surrounding the LGBTQ community. ACR 99 would […]

Massive donor first to pull plug on Biden’s cash flow, as lousy debate performance continues to haunt him

A big-money donor has declined to continue funding Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential run after the candidate came under fire for previously aligning himself with Democrat segregationists. On […]