Congress members reportedly ‘stunned’ and ‘dismissive’ when asked to help unload aid for border migrants

The pro-life movement catches a lot of unfair criticism from the left about not caring for children once they’ve been born. There is a heinous rumor being […]

Kellyanne Conway says Cummings contempt threat doesn’t scare her, snubs bogus Hatch Act hearing, again

House Oversight and Reform Committee chair Rep. Elijah Cummings has just about had it with Kellyanne Conway’s blatant defiance of a subpoena, and refusing to testify before […]

Kamala Harris stumbles and falls all over her own stand on decriminalizing border crossers

During an interview on “The View,” Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris attempted to clarify her position on illegal immigration and border security, but ended up leaving viewers […]

Coming soon to America: Illegal immigrants converge on Paris Pantheon demand citizenship, free housing

A group of hundreds of radical migrants (including many illegal aliens from West Africa) turned out at Paris’ Pantheon to demand residency papers as well as free […]

Judge who told alleged rape victim, ‘close your legs,’ denied her restraining order, faces hearing

Superior Court Judge John Russo Jr. is in hot water after making some “unwarranted, discourteous and inappropriate” comments toward a rape victim who was seeking a restraining […]

Trump responds to big win; appeals court dismisses Emoluments Clause case attacking his brand name

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed an Emoluments Clause claim against President Trump on Wednesday, questioning whether the lawsuit was an “appropriate use of the courts.” […]

Tulsi Gabbard squares up: Kamala’s ‘busing’ comments a ‘ploy for attention’

The left-wing cannibalism continues following the contentious exchange between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the first democrat debate. After Harris’ comments about Biden opposing “busing” black […]

Victims of illegal alien crimes may soon be able to sue sanctuary cities

Republican Representative from North Carolina Thom Tillis sent out a press release on Tuesday which details upcoming legislation that will give a voice to those victimized by […]

Poll shows most liberals support census citizenship question, yet Dems still resist

The 2020 presidential pool might want to take note, over half of Americans believe that “Are you a citizen of the United States” should be included on […]

Investigation reveals several huge flaws in Mueller’s ‘sweeping and systematic’ interference claims

While the final Mueller report appeared to effectively exonerate President Trump of actively seeking out Russian help to influence the 2016 Presidential election in his favor, the […]

Ice-cream licker sets off copycats: Walmart shopper spits mouthwash back into bottle, returns it to shelf

The “Blue Bell licker” may have set off a series of copycats who want to ride her coat-tails into viral internet stardom. Following the story of a […]

AOC blocks reporter Liz Wheeler and gets an earful, starting with, ‘Dear Lord,’ and ending in ‘cowardice’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s embellishment and fake outrage surrounding migrant detention facilities on the southern border has earned her some well-deserved criticism, but when confronted with solid facts, the […]