Senate easily confirms new Defense Secretary, despite heated Elizabeth Warren protests

The Senate has officially voted to confirm President Trump’s Secretary of Defense pick Mark Esper with an end result of 90-8. Esper had been serving as the Army […]

Happy now? Left’s hysteria encourages world leaders to bash American president over chants

Liberal world leaders have never been a fan of President Trump, but lately they appear to be taking cues from our own media, outright mocking our president […]

Buzz Aldrin took Holy Communion, read Bible verse on moon, says let’s ‘Keep America Great In Space!’

As the United States of America celebrates the 50th anniversary of our historic moon landing, we are looking at the two men at the heart of that […]

Trump hush-money probe ends, judge orders Cohen’s records unsealed as ‘matter of national importance’

The Department of Justice has officially wrapped up their investigation into “hush-money” payments received by alleged mistresses of President Donald Trump. Now, US District Court Judge William […]

Rep. Gaetz shares audio of terrifying death threat, questions inaction by prosecutors

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz recently shared audio of a horrifying death threat he received from an unnamed male. In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday evening, […]

Democrat’s inflammatory rhetoric fueled attempted terror attack on ICE facility, says CBP chief

An attempted terror attack on a government detainment facility in Tacoma, Washington is now being laid at the feet of the Democrat’s whose sense of hyperbole is […]

Kevin McCarthy defies outrage mob, won’t call Trump’s tweets racist; lays down what it’s really about

While the media and progressive lawmakers are desperately calling on everyone with a heartbeat to denounce Trump as some sort of vile racist who hates women of […]

Congress members reportedly ‘stunned’ and ‘dismissive’ when asked to help unload aid for border migrants

The pro-life movement catches a lot of unfair criticism from the left about not caring for children once they’ve been born. There is a heinous rumor being […]

Kellyanne Conway says Cummings contempt threat doesn’t scare her, snubs bogus Hatch Act hearing, again

House Oversight and Reform Committee chair Rep. Elijah Cummings has just about had it with Kellyanne Conway’s blatant defiance of a subpoena, and refusing to testify before […]

Kamala Harris stumbles and falls all over her own stand on decriminalizing border crossers

During an interview on “The View,” Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris attempted to clarify her position on illegal immigration and border security, but ended up leaving viewers […]

Coming soon to America: Illegal immigrants converge on Paris Pantheon demand citizenship, free housing

A group of hundreds of radical migrants (including many illegal aliens from West Africa) turned out at Paris’ Pantheon to demand residency papers as well as free […]

Judge who told alleged rape victim, ‘close your legs,’ denied her restraining order, faces hearing

Superior Court Judge John Russo Jr. is in hot water after making some “unwarranted, discourteous and inappropriate” comments toward a rape victim who was seeking a restraining […]