Dobbs shreds Trump manager’s ‘dynasty’ for GOP comment

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs is a fan of President Donald Trump, even going so far as to call conservatives who don’t support the president’s agenda “RINOs.” […]

Brady Bunch’s Susan Olsen: Trump views got me in trouble

It’s not uncommon for celebrities and Hollywood elites to support Trump (and Republicans) but not be able to discuss that support amongst their peers for fear of […]

Ivanka plans Alabama trip … and touches off Cat. 5 Twitter storm

Twitter has sounded the alarms after Ivanka Trump announced plans to visit Alabama on Tuesday. And the comments were nothing short of predictable. Instead of noting all […]

Warren says no now, but filled coffers from swanky donors

Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is being called out as a hypocrite who still benefits from big money donors who gave to her 2018 senate campaign. While […]

Trump heads to N.C. for special election — and 2020 test

President Donald Trump headed to North Carolina to oversee a mulligan election for a seat tainted by the stink of corruption and fraud. Despite taking place in […]

Shocking live-stream shows man’s deadly police confrontation

What began as the police chasing a man who repeatedly ran red lights ended with the death of the suspect who refused to drop a knife he […]

Biden cracks — Elizabeth Warren closes in

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s apparent plan to ride Obama’s coattails into the White House is starting to look like less of an inevitability with a recent […]

Dem candidate Yang crowd surfs for votes

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is one of the youngest to enter the race at just 44 years old, and as such, has the best chance […]

Grisham delivers brutal comeback to CNN’s relentless coverage of ‘lines on a map’

Unsurprisingly, CNN spent the better part of their morning reporting on President Donald Trump showing an “apparently altered” National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration map of Hurricane Dorian’s […]

American tennis player fined massive $10k for ‘gun gesture’

Mike Bryan — one of America’s best doubles tennis players in the history of the sport — found himself on the business end of political correctness when […]

‘Ellen’ producer dares to start a respectful gun exchange with Dana Loesch

By now, the pattern is clear: Following a mass shooting in the United States, blue-checked Twitter accounts renew their calls for gun control and cries about something […]

Chinese media falsely claim white man arrested in Hong Kong is a CIA agent

The Hong Kong police arrested a white, American-looking man who was riding the subway home over the weekend, and footage of the incident quickly went viral. This […]

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