Tucker excoriates ‘former intellectual’ Bill Kristol

Tucker Carlson’s longstanding feud with Trump-hating Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, a man he once worked for, reached a whole other level when his former boss raised […]

ACLU scoffs at rule of law: Only ‘white supremacists’ benefit from Trump immigration plan

Now that President Trump’s just-released immigration plan includes an actual path to citizenship for not 800,000, but upwards of 1.8 million so-called “DREAMers,” it’s still not good […]

A 2005 game-changing photo of Barack Obama with controversial leader emerges 13 years later

Now that former President Barack Obama is safely finished with his two terms as president, a 2005 photograph of him smiling and enjoying life with none other […]

Joy Behar takes down CNN for blaming Trump over man’s death threats to network

Joy Behar defending President Trump?

SCOTTeVest boasts that the company markets to Fox News viewers because they’re ‘f-ing idiots’

“I get to tell them they are [f–ing] idiots while getting rich off them.”

House Democrats lash out at Senate party leadership over its disastrous shutdown deal

To put it mildly, the base is NOT pleased.

‘Is that Trump English?’ Kellyanne Conway and Chris Cuomo spar over Dem’s weekend ‘hissy fit’

“I can understand why the Democrats like you are mad tonight.”

Have you heard, Americans need immigrants or we’ll be extinct. We forgot how to make babies?

Do liberals really think Americans somehow forgot how to make babies?

There’s a reason Adam Schiff doesn’t want America to see the Nunes memo

Yep, no wonder Schiff doesn’t want America to see that thing.

Team USA doctor who molested gymnasts messed with wrong dad: Cop blasts him as ‘f**king hog’

Convicted former USA Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar wanted to avoid having to listen to days of his victims describing the countless ways he hurt them, but County […]

congressman ted lieu
Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu wants Americans to protest the government shutdown his own party caused

California Rep. Ted Lieu, a certified (and I do mean certified) member of the #Resistance, wants Americans to respond to the current government shutdown caused by Democrats […]

Las Vegas massacre investigators have still not uncovered shooter’s motive, but they did find list of other murder targets

We still don’t know the true motivation behind shooter Stephen Paddock’s murderous rampage last October, but investigators have recently learned about other targets he may have been […]

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