Who’ll be joining Melania at the SOTU? Guest list is a big middle finger to ‘the resistance’

The White House released the full list of guests on Monday.

Country stars’ poignant non-political tribute to Las Vegas shooting victims is a must-watch

“We all performed in Las Vegas that tragic weekend,”

Joy Villa’s bold pro-life dress is the talk of the Grammys. Even the TODAY Show is showing respect

It was the mother of all fashion statements, but if anyone could pull it off, it would be Joy Villa.

Next time a Democrat complains about Fox News, show them this chart showing CNN’s more polarizing

President Trump certainly has his beef with CNN, but Democrats and liberals LOVE to complain about Fox News. And if you’re unfortunate enough to know any firsthand, […]

‘Dueling’ House intel memos set to be released next week, one so secret DOJ & FBI haven’t seen it

It looks like the #ReleaseTheMemo advocates are about to get their wish, but not without a Democratic rebuttal, of sorts. According to a report from the Washington […]

Former Dem. Reps. convicted on corruption charges are still collecting Congressional pensions

Despite the fact that both have been convicted and are either in or awaiting prison on corruption charges, two former Democratic representatives are collecting taxpayer-funded federal pensions. […]

Fox News dominates cable news ratings. Look who’s a distant third

Rachel Maddow had her run, but Thursday’s Nielsen ratings are proving once again that Fox News is the cable news King. Not only did all of Fox […]

Sean Hannity’s Twitter Account Disappears

Not too long after the conclusion of Sean Hannity’s Friday night show, in which he took a particularly strong stance on the corruption rampant within the FBI […]

ESPN host who called Trump ‘white supremacist’ gets ‘booted off’ Sportscenter

Jemele Hill is getting a taste of karma. Hill, responsible for a series of inflammatory social media incidents, including calling President Trump a “white supremacist” and calling for […]

Hollywood celebs are lining up to host event to rival Trump’s SOTU address

The evening before President Trump takes the stage to give the annual State of the Union Address, the #Resistance plans to gather for a competing event of […]

James Woods NAILS ‘all DACA is about’ in one explosive tweet, and it’s gone viral

Nothing quite gets to the root of an issue like a James Woods tweet. The fate of 800,000 to upwards of 3 million (now we’re told) Deferred […]

Home Depot becomes latest corporation to give employees cash bonuses due to tax cut plan

Is anyone tired of winning yet? In yet another sign that President Trump’s recently signed tax reduction is working exactly as intended, Home Depot Inc. has announced that it […]

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