Sean Hannity: Mueller probe was based on a house of cards that’s now crashing down

During a powerful opening monologue Friday night in the wake of the release of the Nunes memo, Fox News host Sean Hannity made his case for an […]

Nunes: FBI got a warrant for the Trump campaign using oppo research paid for by the Dem Party & Clinton campaign

California Rep. Devin Nunes, the man behind the recently released memo that detailed collaboration between senior FBI and Justice Department officials to launch an investigation into the […]

Jim Jordan: We need a second special counsel to investigate and clean up the DoJ and FBI

We have a special counsel supposedly investigating non-existent “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, an investigation which has essentially seemed to devolve […]

Tucker rips James Comey as an ‘aspiring MSNBC contributor’ in brilliant rant on FBI’s opposition to FISA memo

Boy, does Tucker Carlson ever have James Comey pegged. No one outside the most radical, conspiracy-theory-driven Left considers the Clinton campaign and DNC-funded “Trump dossier” a credible, […]

James Woods wins gold for putting the FISA memo into context with one devastating tweet

If anyone knows how to get the essence of an issue into 280 characters or less, it’s James Woods. America continues to process Friday’s release of the […]

Chuck Schumer calls for Nunes to be removed as House Intel Chair ahead of FISA memo dropping

The Nunes memo that’s (hopefully) about to turn the Deep State on its head has Democrats all in a tizzy. On the one hand, they claim it’s […]

GOP Rep. gives sneak peek of FISA memo: ‘Implicates’ senior DOJ & FBI officials, shows Mueller probe based on ‘rotten’ premise

The soon-to-be-released Nunes memo is causing quite the stir in Washington these days. Is it Watergate 2, as some Republicans who’ve read it and want it released […]

Democrats in panic: After Trump’s well-received SOTU, midterm election edge evaporates overnight

Which means GOP candidates will actually have something solid to run on this Fall.

Donald Trump Jr. nails why Democrats hate Trump’s ‘Americans are dreamers, too’ line at SOTU

During his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, President Trump’s best line of the night consisted of four words that had conservatives cheering and liberals fit […]

Donald Trump trolled Democrats by declaring, ‘We proudly stand for national anthem.’ Watch their reaction

His speechwriters were smart, ingenious even.

MSNBC dumps on Trump’s SOTU: ‘Almost sad obsession with being liked’ – Greta fires back via Twitter

And the insanity wasn’t over yet…

Watch Kirsten Gillibrand’s fiery tone on sexual harassment change when Hillary’s name is brought up

“Do you regret campaigning with him though?”

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