Cool video of sailfish breaking line and escaping

In case you ever doubted the beauty of Florida’s spectacular marine environment, I’ve got a video for you. I to out a fishing charter on Friday off […]

Jump in and enjoy the sea life

Forget Sea World, or Discovery Cove. You want to see Florida’s stunning marine life, or even swim with the dolphins, just venture even a short distance off […]

Last chance to make your swing count at FFA Golf Classic

Calling all golfers! Want to make your swing count for than your handicap? Well, here’s your chance. On Saturday, Dec. 3, the Florida Fishing Academy will […]

BizPac Review

If you head out off South Florida waters, and you’re loing for a fighting fish, be prepared. You never know what you’ll find. I was out on […]

BizPac Review
Something fishy about your seafood dinner?

Do you know what you had for dinner last night? Are you sure? If you had sushi, it might not have been the fish listed on the […]

Strange Fact, or Just Bananas?

If you’re an old salty dog, I am sure you have heard the superstition about bananas and fishing. If not, well, let me it with – […]

BizPac Review
Got mercury? Not much, in locally caught seafood, sampling shows

Great news on the mercury content for our local fish. I recently participated in a research project conducted by Got Mercury?, a California-based environmental group that seeks […]

BizPac Review
Yes, you can still deep drop for swordfish

I’d like to clear up some confusion in the swordfishing community on the ability for anglers to continue to deep drop for the prize sport fish. I […]

BizPac Review
Florida the “fishing capital of the world”

Did you know that in Florida, the “fishing capital of the world,” fishermen outnumber golfers 2-to-1? I’ve been fishing these waters for years now, and I can […]