Obama reverses Social Security cut, sprints to new spending

Fearful of helping Republicans’ mid-term election efforts, President Obama backtracked Thursday on plans to cut Social Security benefits, calling for $56 billion in new spending instead. “This […]

Obama Golf
‘Obamas are abusing perks of public office,’ WH in cover-up mode, says Fitton

In the wake of President Obama’s 23rd vacation, Judicial Watch estimated the first family has milked the public trough for more than $18 million in hotel and […]

Sebelius faces scrutiny for serious potential ethics violations at HHS

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and other staffers may be inappropriately raising funds to promote Obamacare as enrollment woes continue.  Troubling questions and Freedom of […]

State university removes Bibles from its hotel rooms

The Gideon Bible, long a mainstay in hotel rooms across America, will no longer be found in rooms at the Iowa State University Memorial Union Hotel. Because […]

ERic Cantor
Future Speaker? Eric Cantor blasts Obama on foreign policy: ‘Hope is not a strategy’

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia chastised the Obama administration for its vacillation in world affairs, offering a bolder approach in a speech Monday at the […]

Lech Walesa 2009
Lech Walesa ‘disillusioned’ with Obama: He ‘wasn’t ready’ to be world leader

President Obama “wasn’t ready” to lead the world’s dominant superpower when he was elected, former Polish President Lech Walesa said Sunday in an interview on “NewsmaxTV.” The […]

Nikki Haley backs bill to allow carrying guns without permits, training

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley came out Tuesday in support of a bill to allow Palmetto State citizens to carry guns without a permit or training. At […]

sad obama
Brr! Even in liberal Minnesota, Obama’s gone cold

Even in liberal Minnesota, Barack Obama’s popularity has plummeted. A recent poll of 800 adults showed half disapprove of his job performance, according to the Star Tribune. […]

Youth enrollment day
No joke – guess what embarrassing thing happened to the WH on ‘National Youth Enrollment Day’?

On what Obamacare youth activists touted as “a huge day of action to educate young adults on the importance of having health insurance,” the HealthCare.gov website was […]

Oliver Stone
Leftist filmmaker Oliver Stone shreds ‘weak’ Obama: ‘The man stunned us with a lack of spine’

Well-known leftists Oliver Stone and author Jeremy Scahill went against type Saturday, sharply criticizing President Obama for backtracking on civil liberties and foreign policy. They also took […]

teacher with gun
Wyoming bill allowing teachers to bring guns to schools advances

A Wyoming bill that would allow school employees with concealed carry permits to bring guns to school passed its first hurdle in the House of Representatives on […]

koch bros 2
Liberal punching bags, the Koch brothers, are not even in top 50 political donors in America

Supposedly nefarious Republican moneybags, Charles and David Koch, don’t even come close to making the hit parade of America’s biggest political kahunas, according to information compiled by […]

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