Bolton ad
New campaign ad sees national security as a game-changer: ‘Vote as if your life depends upon it’

Blatantly defying the Tip O’Neill mantra that “all politics is local,” former U.N. AmbassadorJohn Bolton’s super PAC has launched an ad claiming the opposite: “Vote [national security] […]

McCain pounds Jay Carney over president’s Iraqi blundering: ‘You don’t have the facts!’

Newly-minted CNN commentator Jay Carney to a pounding from Arizona Sen. John McCain Wednesday night, trying to defend his former boss’ withdrawal policy from Iraq. Making his […]

White House denies family’s claim Sotloff was ‘sold’ to ISIS by ‘US-friendly moderates’

White House press secretary Josh Earnest denied that murdered American journalist Steven Sotloff was sold by moderate Syrian rebels to ISIS, as claimed by a family spesman. […]

IRS to audit Breitbart News Network; Ted Cruz smells a rat

The Internal Revenue Service wants to audit the conservative-leaning Breitbart News Network, who vows not to be silenced. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has asked Commissioner John Koskinen […]

James Woods on a mission, issues #Holderchallenge, asks followers for help

Hollywood actor James Woods has thrown the gauntlet down to America’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, and dared him to condemn the brutal beating of three white men […]

ABC admits Obama has ‘real popularity problems’

The president’s approval rating for handling foreign affairs and national security continue to dec in the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll. “Only 43 percent of Americans say […]

Sotloff family spokesman blasts administration; he was sold by ‘so-called Syrian rebel moderates’

A man who was with murdered journalist Steven Sotloff the morning of his capture contended that the Middle East correspondent was sold to the terrorist group almost […]

Boehner slams Obama for ‘raw politics’ of immigration dodge: ‘There will never be a right time’

The prevaricator-in-chiefwent on “Meet the Press” Sunday to try and extract himself from the horns of a dilemma he himself devised. On SaturdayPresident Obamaannounced that he would […]

Greta Van Susteren reveals ‘weird’ WH arm-twisting to get Fox to back down on Benghazi reporting

Fox News Channel host Greta Van Susteren told her viewers the White House asked her to tamp down Pentagon reporter Jennifer Griffin’s investigation of the Benghazi affair, […]

Former Muslim, son of an Imam, tries to talk some sense into Obama

A former Muslim calling himself “Brother Rasheed” says Islamic followers have been “brainwashed” to hate America and that President Obama has to get serious about tackling the […]

Seriously insane restrictions causing schools to drop Michelle O’s lunches

The Obama mindset that the federal government knows what’s best for you to another hit this week, when two New York School Districts dropped out of the […]

IRS says 5 more email accounts missing: ‘At least there was a strategy for destroying emails’

The es of five employees tied to congressional investigations of IRS targeting conservative groups have been lost, the agency announced Friday, setting off another firestorm of […]

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