Obama-appointed Judge blocks Trump admin’s migrant asylum crackdown, despite DHS warning

President Trump’s recent proclamation to help keep America safe was shot down by a federal judge in San Francisco on Monday. In the face of an approaching […]

Kaepernick launches his own shirts, without Nike, with a seriously hefty price-tag

Colin Kaepernick loves capitalism, and he’s hoping to get rich off his new-found fame. Normally, that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, but considering the ex-NFL star […]

PolitiFact nails Kamala Harris for blatantly lying about Kavanaugh’s birth control ‘dog whistle’

Remember, only dogs hear dog whistles. Kamala Harris is still reaping backlash from telling a massive lie about SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh. While Democrats like California Senator […]

Candace Owens’ head explodes after touring cushy Broward ICE facility: ‘Blow up this Democrat lie!’

Candace Owens is nothing if not passionate, especially when it comes to seeking truth. In light of the manufactured outraged ginned up by Democrats over alleged mistreatment […]

‘Monkey’ this! montage: Here’s how often liberal media minions loved using the so-called ‘dog whistle’

Monkey see, monkey do. That old saying couldn’t be more fitting to describe the liberal media. As the unofficial end of summer came to a close over […]

Trump brutally rips AG Sessions for putting 2 solidly red seats at risk: ‘Dems must love him now…’

President Donald Trump didn’t mince words in a tweet slamming Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday. Trump blamed Sessions for putting two solidly red Congressional seats in […]

NBC does back-to-back Trump approval polls after ‘skeptical’ results, Chuck Todd forced to report…no change

Despite what the media throws at President Trump there are two words to describe his base … rock solid. After not seeing the results they wanted over […]

Tucker blasts sudden McCain love: When people on TV dictate emotions you’re allowed to feel… worry.

Leave it to the media to make the passing of John McCain all about President Trump. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson tackled the liberal media’s obsession with Trump’s […]

John McCain announces he’s ending medical treatment; friends, family and colleagues react

John McCain’s family released a statement announcing that the Arizona Senator will be ending his medical treatment after a hard-fought battle with brain cancer. “Last summer, Senator […]

Hogg and Clinton could be future dream ticket. But ‘older Dems won’t move the f*** off the plate, let us take control’

A few liberal activists have grander aspirations than just venting their venom on Twitter and are hoping to make it big in the world of politics. Parkland, […]

Move over parents, California law will insist on plain milk or water for all kids meals marketing

Move over California parents, your state has got this. In yet another authoritarian move, the state of California is getting ready to yield its power over its […]

Eagle-eyed journos zero in on ‘Bikers for Trump’ patches, aghast by ‘sexist’ findings

To the delight of many patriots, President Trump invited 200 bikers in from the rain to hang out with him at the Trump National Golf Club in […]