Disney set to air first gay storyline for pre-teens, let’s just say not all parents are thrilled

Disney is releasing a groundbreaking storyline in a children’s TV series, and not everyone is happy about it. Andi Mack is a coming of age cable show […]

3rd woman to come forward claims George H.W. Bush groped her after ‘joking’ about his favorite book

A third woman has come forth to accuse former President George H. W. Bush of sexual harassment. Author Christina Baker Kline made the allegation on Thursday with […]

‘Feminist’ lawyer and daughter of Gloria Allred targeted Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, according to report

What a fraud. Attention-hound attorney Lisa Bloom is being exposed for the fake feminist that she is. Finally. Bloom is widely known as a women’s rights lawyer […]

Chelsea Handler thought it would be HILARIOUS to bill Trump for her birth control. Just one problem.

Chelsea Handler has long road ahead. Not long after delighting Donald Trump supporters with news she was cancelling her failing Netflix show to become a full-time liberal activist, […]

California gang member’s ‘hot’ mugshot goes viral, but people ignore her heinous crime against child

A young woman puts her infant child in grave danger, but the Internet doesn’t care because … she’s gorgeous!! The mugshot of a female gang member lit […]

Ellen DeGeneres gets pounded for pulling a ‘Weinstein’ on Katy Perry’s boobs

So wait, it’s OK for lesbians to treat women this way?

After federal judge rules to tear down WWI cross memorial, GOP governor vows to fight on

See you in court.

Liberals flip their lids because Trump wants ‘Make Mexico Great Again’ hats to be an actual thing

But, the sheer frustration it induced in liberals says everything.

Major League con artist? Waiter accused of refusing to serve national anthem protester fires back

Who do you believe?

Everyone heard that Clinton & DNC funded ‘Trump dossier,’ but now there’s a real bombshell

“Remarkable” indeed.

5 years after Hillary left men to die at Benghazi, left is suddenly interested in military timelines

All of a sudden, Democrats care about timelines – and the horrific events that transpired in Benghazi. In a desperate attempt to smear Donald Trump over a […]

Kid Rock News
All eyes were on Kid Rock to make a big Senate announcement… and boy did he ever