Chris Matthews is invited on The View. When ‘Russia’ comes up, it starts to get real kooky

Out of the gate …

‘Real Housewives’ star faces blowback for calling out women ‘taking advantage of Weinstein scandal’

There’s a famous Real Housewives star who’d better be prepared for some serious backlash. Joanna Krupa, who formerly starred in Bravo’s wildly popular reality series, says not […]

Six women reveal yet another Hollywood power player as a sex predator – this is seriously perverse!

There’s seemingly no end to the sexual harassment allegations being waged against Hollywood’s power players. Six women have come out and accused another movie director of sexual […]

DNC official’s email reveals bigoted policy against ‘cisgender straight white males’

‘Straight white males need not apply.’ That’s the message coming directly from a leaked Democrat National Committee email meant for DNC insiders. The email sent on Monday […]

Gunman opens fire at Colorado Walmart as country is still reeling from NYC terror attack

Two men died at the scene and a woman died after being transported to the hospital.

Latest creepy Hollywood story: ‘I woke up and Kevin Spacey was lying in bed next to me’

Spacey is reportedly seeking “rehabilitation” and “treatment,”  because that’s the Hollywood M.O.

ICE tricks illegal immigrant into ‘solving’ dispute by coming to office – right before deporting him

Problem solved.

Sobbing Dem lawmaker has unhinged meltdown during speeding stop

“I’m a single mom … Why would you pull me over, instead of someone else?”

WARNING: FDA issues alert on ONE candy that can be dangerous

While folks over 40 seem to be hit the hardest, the FDA also warns against children eating too much …

Hillary Clinton reveals her Halloween costume – talk about a pathetic joke

If only!

Former Never-Trumper ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Bryan Cranston puts those who want POTUS to fail on notice

“I don’t care if you’re a Republican and I’m a Democrat or whatever, I don’t care.”

FBI informant’s lawyer reveals threat Obama admin. sent to him regarding lawsuit over Uranium One

The lawyer of a former FBI informant with potentially explosive information on the Obama administration claims her client was intimidated into silence. Victoria Toensing represents the former […]