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Jesus ‘most significant person ever’ in new research study

  Just in time for the Christmas gift-giving season, is a new and widely reported book with the revelation, “Jesus Christ named history’s most successful meme.“ Now, if you […]

BizPac Review
Troubling world test results prove US teenagers as clueless as they appear

Are any thinking adults really surprised by the low rankings of America’s 15-year-olds in science, math, and reading, as compared to their peers around the world? Not me, […]

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Atheists cringe at Lincoln’s proclamation of Thanksgiving as national holiday

One hundred fifty years ago during the Civil War in 1863, President Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Reading through his proclamation, you will soon realize that it sounds more like a […]

Back in the USSR: ‘We must accept that we, the press, have been enablers’

President Obama’s lapdog media has finally realized that they are back in the USSR, so if you are curious about what is really going on in “Soviet” Obama’s White House […]

Everything you need to know about the Obama administration in one email

In emails dated September 25, 2013 just a few days short of the October 1 Obamacare launch, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Deputy Chief Information Officer Henry Chao voiced […]

Romney wins election . . . a year later! Unbelievable poll

  From one of the loudest and most powerful media cheerleading sections that helped elect President Obama TWICE, is a new poll revealing that if the presidential […]

Not a joke: Huff Po’s ‘12 Reasons Why Obama is One of Best Presidents Ever’

What you are about to read is a much abbreviated version of a piece that appeared in the Huffington Post on November 15. It was written by […]

New Q-Poll says Christie beats Hillary in 2016

If you are not now, or will never be, “Ready for Hillary” then here is a new Quinnipiac poll released on November 13 that should lift your […]

BizPac Review
Photo Caption Contest: Is George Washington Crying While Obama Apologizes For Obamacare?

Editor’s note:  Here is a Photo Caption Contest from one of our guest writers, Myra Adams, that is currently posted on PJ Media. Today she is offering our BizPac Review readers an opportunity to […]

Obama, first AWOL president – blame mainstream media

  Is Obama our nation’s first AWOL president?  The answer is painfully obvious. While researching this piece I Googled, “Obama is AWOL president” and over one million results […]

911 crossx
Will American Atheists win its appeal to remove Ground Zero Cross?

Here is a court case worth watching — an example of “tyranny of the minority” brought by American Atheists who comprise only 1.6 percent of the population. […]

Jewish star
Latest Pew Research Study: A Portrait of Jewish Americans

America’s Jewish population is declining, and religion is becoming less important to overall Jewish identity. Those are just two of the fascinating conclusions reached in a Pew […]

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